welcome back ladies and gents we are

finally taking our trip so about a month

ago you might have seen the I surprise

Bella video well this is the trip we are

taking so I have one class left today

after that we have to drive to Chicago

so once we get in Chicago we're gonna

stay the night there then we leave from

a Chicago Airport at 6:00 in the morning

and then tomorrow I'll be in Punta Cana

fit that feel when you're obese as hell

good morning everyone good morning the

traffic is heavy the weather is not

great which makes it all the better for

when we get to Akana


Chicago International Airport so again

we got about an hour 15 until our flight

I'm uploading my one-man mobile video

for the whole like month using my

personal hotspot on my phone to upload

this and it's actually got only six

minutes remaining that's kind of getting

closer I've been looking at this ocean

view for like a year now


Matt could not find this phone we were

freaking out and we realized we left it

on the airplane on the plane so Aveda

like escort me across the tarmac I think

I got sunburned I went out the Sun for

30 seconds without without lotion holy

[ __ ] boys pardon my language so we're at

the front desk the guy was talking to me

about my suite he said something like

best suite he was like best suite right

and I was like uh yeah of course I have

the best suite like guys just I don't

really know what's happened we walked in

this room this is so much [ __ ] nicer

this is so much better than what we paid

for all right let me show so the room we

originally got was just a one-bedroom

like unit it was just a bad thought cuz

that's all you need right well check

this out all right so there's our

personal hot tub we got I don't even

know the purpose of the chairs is for

here so this TV here's our thing so this

was only half of the whole room look at

this you can see me in there so here's

our bed that is gorgeous

check out the bathroom this is

ridiculous that was doing the same thing

I'm doing

oh yeah look at this double mirror [ __ ]

going on right here then we have we have

two shower heads on our shower which is

actually so awesome so I mean not that

we you know not that we'd shower at the

same time because that's just

inappropriate but if we were to do that

this would be very beneficial my clean

ass outfit look at them who watches

that's just clean look at the Nike shoes

it's just clean look at that yeah we

wake you yes just clean

find out as you saw we now have a butler

as well I am so surprised I don't know

how this happened um the reason I assume

that our keys weren't working is because

this isn't our room but they're sending

someone right now to get some new keys

that work for this room so this is going

to be an excellent five days and I hope

you guys enjoy the block all right well

good beautiful morning you guys can hear

it is a nice day out today it is not


yes 331 we ordered some room service

where's my enchilada sir whatever excuse

abuse we got some book Hardy and 7up

from our room our kitchen Dilys our

bangers we're we're gonna go we're gonna

go straight to his room now baby like

this why cuz that is our transition it's

kind of you Oh

so if you're doing the whole sweatshirt

thing and Adidas was not sure


I love you










that's your thumbnail


first dinner first official dinner we've

been here two nights now but we didn't

got to dinner the first day look how

good she looks

turn around let's see it say gonna look

like a big tree well not a big tree a

small tree with some package I love

trees alright we're headed to the steak

house should be bangers look at this

damn moon it's not your time yet de

mundo carrying the team on its back door

it's gray jeans with a broken leg I do

this from a team on my back no here is

sharper safety no that's not even close

to right one of the heart is hidden

safeties in yeah yeah kind of it you

said it kind of [ __ ] also

all right hey guys this is the end of

the vacation but I've done a good day

goes pretty cloudy out it's kind of

crazy we're flying United today and we

just watched the video have you already

seen it when I post this but uh United

over booked a flight and they dragged

somebody off the plane

it's pretty crazy I'm glad that's not

Nesta all right time to Kanna

oh wait I'm burnt like Albert I'm pretty

bird all right I don't get tan all right

so you guys ready hold bite