here you breathe but I can't see if

you're right here next to me something's

wrong isn't it fun is it now it's done

if you get dead i'ma come back and you

tell me to come to it and you tell me to

accomplish I don't know what to say what

so now I'm ready for spring break

when get your sister to sit on your

I know where your I must wait now now

I'm leaving now

I'm gonna miss you okay you be good be

good I don't want that right so y'all

stopped and got some breakfast waiting

on my uber to take me to the airport I

honestly feel like I have the fourth

month I'll be in the morning you know

the best

all right y'all uber just dropped me off

at the airport y'all look like JLo what

the heck

but look at my mail I don't know I have

a problem eating in the morning but I

took a bite like just put one in my

mouth I couldn't get it to go down my

throat I was just chewing and I was like

genuine swallow swallow

I don't know y'all

I don't know I needed to get away eating

like I eat a lot but I don't eat three

times a day and I need it better with

eating three times a day versus like

eating one big meal move shut the heck

steak look I just couldn't do it this

too early in the morning

yah I swear I took out some item lists

and stuff at my house in my bag is still

overweight luckily I always carry

another bag inside my bag so just in

case they tell me that yes I just picked

for the weekend

but listen your girl's got to have

action it's so Thrane could you get a

girl gonna have officers let's wait is

thinking if not I'm just throw out my

dog shampoo that's why we can encounter

pick out some pants okay making progress


what I have boy

so everybody's like and at different


pop out says hang out with some other

people deaf hear from us it's a girl's

game so hang out and episode so guys

guess what I'm finally on Ocean Drive I

made it I made it

how am i firm Ryan so we got to sue to

get there and he lived here so you know

I'm just with them hanging out about to

get some food and I'm starving

I'm sorry you look at the beach I'm

ready hopefully it don't rain because it

seems like you like rain and then it

stops and they didn't want to write

again but we're going to go with it


so that our drink this customer head

free shot for the house three first

first on the custom house so he was like

yeah we'll go here if you like it sir

hi-five you better

thanks song



my dad is that father

ah cool

maybe a whack with this little burger

thank you


right now right now right now




I feel of what no you're not even

trained about to be in the water right

now I love you the right little Aleta

yeah yeah I give you the word I mean I

know that we all that love actually he's

a stop little better

now let's go

it looked like

now this is what happy to lead out

I will just be the bag holder for today

I got drinks in my hand why not bag I

don't care I won't be the bag holder









yeah well why we pay $6 76 cents for

this one it looks like leftovers


you know what


y'all I'm so mad at myself I lost my ID

that frickin fast yesterday I just don't

know where it's at

it dropped somewhere out my purse and

I'm just like how do I have my credit

cards and stuff but not have my tea I'm

so mad at myself but we're going to try

to figure something out

try to follow it out here I am starving

leg sitting here at the hotel room I am

sorry sorry it's a little windy and cool

today but you know I just thought so

where I got my scooter so on I think

this is perfect though and they have eye

shades when I come to Frankie's teaching

in and out sorry

so I found my ID it was at a restaurant

there I don't even remember going oh my

god y'all last night I remember being at

this restaurant I may go but I do not

really know yesterday so after bowling

or start over together is yn was hidden

and I'm like and I'm so I was there and

they have I would never I know you

couldn't make me do it

it's out of the question y'all doing

I think oh no

they were really not trying to let me


I had Marty at school overnight my

passport like I'm doing my research I

see I was thinking I wasn't going to

turn up until like tomorrow when I got

hot handsome I was really sad and really

heard about it and you can tell them I

moved I was really upset but I'm not a

pen effect well it's better than wait to

get married is not my idea

mine was like gonna go to fat to fit

just like yep so guys were downstairs in

the lobby I'm with my girlfriend yeah

we're having a power here for happy hour

hi we have a gamer low eternity so I

don't do red

music for the right yeah something so

for like what we got our dream so good

make sure you write





I'm telling you I've been telling us yes

idea what it was that was given to be

our guy yeah look at him look at him

look just let me celebrity yeah he live

yeah oh they wanted us to pose him

around like we like some lieutenant so

we have fun okay cuz we are the




solo I change into 1/3 night I am Miami

the mercy very short in Miami a thank

you to my good head when I come back I

am coming to see y'all I'm coming to me

I'll never come back I don't know if

y'all can hear me my phone broke hey

everybody can hear elixir they got

breakfast and they can bring it to us

and and we gonna be eatin good I thought

you thank you thank you thank you chinnu

mmm da game bacon yes nice is it I

thought we gonna get this fruit is


oh not again we just got ready for the

day oh my god what of they hope the hell

we're out here how am i lucky right

plus I would love this leg in his

walking see ya

warm today the Sun is out so probably

would be probably guys you got a fight






the weather said no rain today

I'm worn down oh my goodness

Oh woof its prey are you going oh we got

a quick it hurt so we're under this

thing right now and we're hiding from

the rain we can't stay here for too long

because we gotta get some

long story short the women live long

stories long long story short the

weatherman losses and look I'll lose out


okay look at the birthday girl down

there just man if I wasn't like mad

birthday girl man bartender Kayla

urbanism realness you know


ssam bartender right here girl


okay we're in Burien or with the ice I

think it is megamum the most loved one

minute wait she got her own things she

do you get the Hanny

get out

we need to prepare some more camp on top

okay next let me try it out right now

start what what we got called okay


hi guys I'm at CJ's Crab Shack cut not

love go ahead get my seafood cake so I

got crab legs shrimp and oysters I also

have delicious decorations of mango and

so broccoli

they put a shot it is one I'm not ready

for them I'm not ready this is a new

thing that I just got on when I lived in

New York but oyster I'm telling y'all

Bob with a little bit of hot sauce

sprinkle on it bomb y'all

explicitly made out was name

and let us now you also be lying what I

love to do got this crap right leg okay

let's not make up people family ready


so y'all this is what I just finished

doing straightening my cinches out the

rain colors on my hair with the mess has

to sweat on my leave out hopefully it

doesn't rain again so my hair is good

but I strained my hair and I'm trying to

figure out a mood first tonight since my

mom's flat on B that was our bomb let's

bomb the weather firm well yes that way

wipe off my makeup and do it again or

touch it up I had you bring our lashes

on the chair but I just forgot

but spice up my makeup for what I'm

wearing tonight

so obviously what they have at the shoe

bar I really just want astrid a curry

like always look ya'll legs shooting

Sochi I'm going to have to get me some

of these before I can make them but

these are so freaking cute



I hear ok it's not for the man is the

words of nine years so yah this is what

I'm wearing tonight

it is this sweater dress it says I'm

currently unavailable and it's kind of

chilly outside so I just like I don't

even feel like putting on anything real

cold it's just not hot

that's it it's not freaking hot climb

myself over to the place that they're

going to


now I'm telling you I just keep getting

stuck in the rain

I leave it love because I want to go to

the room early because I want to call it

a night and you guys like it is glory I

just fix my hair I just and I need to

get to the door

brick is here

oh my god

so y'all Spring Break was great besides

the rain the crazy weather but that's

just Florida for you

I guess I'm also call it a mic on way to

the girls get back in I don't know what

the next move because we are one club

and they may Tex me was over there and

come through this others spot and I

don't know how I feel about you know

going out but I'm just going to chill in

our room

I'm a little tired right now so yeah

I'll see you guys in the morning

at the projector no guys look like down

at the airport

headed back to school man gets a we're

at a bar waiting for our flight and on

the same flight stitches

so yes I'm starving before this light


less than I just grout as



hopefully they good I have not had any

clearly all week

okay when spring break in tomorrow so

that means it's still going on today but

actually even on air please let it

because now I can pull this up a bullish

we're excited for you to so waiting on

my site it's coming going I mean the e I

got we mean a better day surprisingly

I'm excited to be dead in my room I

don't have so much stuff to do so much

work for you go back start back tomorrow

I gotta get my garage graduation is cool

Mia come on shoo come on Derek I made it

back safely guys I hope you enjoyed this

spring brick blog I look a mess it's

raining outside my hair I gotta get it


I had a recuperate and get myself back

right from my spring break because it

was crazy

maybe I'll do a story time or my

craziness because everything could even

be included in the blog as soon as I put

my suitcase down I started packing

orders for Glenn textures your bundles

are on the way some book orders on the

floor so I'm just working right now but

I hope you guys enjoy my spring break

Wow and I'll see you guys in my next one