1st Time Seeing Snow! - Japan's Winter Wonderland

Buried in the heart of the Japan Alps lie two famous towns.

Takayama which is known for its preserved Edo era historical district

and Shirakawa-go popular for its traditional Japanese farmhouses.

Although these iconic places look amazing in summer

they may be most picturesque during winter

and are the perfect places to show four of my friends from India

who have never seen snow before.

Our group includes:

Wilson and Chris who are brothers

Kunal and Aman who are not brothers

and me, Andrew

Here’s the plan:

We’ll take the train from Nagoya where we live to Takayama

and explore it on Day 1.

On Day 2 we’ll take the bus from Takayama

to nearby Shirakawa-go, see the sights there, and then return home.

So, with hopes of seeing these towns covered in snow

we set out to visit Japan’s winter wonderland.

I love places like this.

Onaji! That's "onaji" right there.

It's good, it's really good.

Is it good? Very fatty!

Yes! I love this place!

Everyone is taking everyone's video.

If you have a cat that steals shoes

It's not allowed right here.

Back walk! Back walk!



This is the first day in my life seeing the snow.

It's really amazing.

The beauty of the place until it changed.

And would have never expected it to be so.

It's a different experience, I love it.

We've finally reached our destination.

My hands are freezing!

This is a Japanese snowman.

But! If you want an American snowman, then you put

one more.

This is the best way of doing it!

I just love this place.


It's awesome.