✅ How To Use Babyganics 50 SPF Mineral Based Baby Sunscreen Review


hey guys today we're going to talk about

baby gimmicks mineral based sunscreen

this is a product I've been using for a

little over a year now I actually want

to know it has a lot of certified

organic ingredients in it and I'm not

seeing an expiration date on this so I

do wonder you know one that what the

shelf life is of this product but it

says that the main ingredient at the top

which I'm sure you probably can't really

see but the main ingredient is titanium

dioxide and zinc oxide so you know

basically for the purpose of sunscreen

this is a product that was designed

specifically for babies baby janux is a

line that is gentle enough for babies it

is meant to be convenient and natural

and tear free as advertised on the

little bottle here and the top in green

it says tear free which it is and that's

kind of a nice thing with sunscreen

because if you've ever done sunscreen in

your eye you know just how bad that is

it's also water resistant which is kind

of nice because it's not really marketed

as a water you know it's not the first

thing that really pops out at you I

picked this because I wanted something

more natural to put under my makeup as a

good sun protection it claims to be SPF

50 which is kind of cool I think that

there's been a lot of controversy over

any kind of SPF claiming to be higher

than 50 a lot of people say anything

over 50 is a lie so they're not trying

to lie to you they pretty much tell you

that you know on the front here it says

it's good for 80 minutes so reapply

after 80 minutes that's definitely good

to know and it's not just UVA protection

its UVB protection as well it's not

allergenic and it's free of phthalates

parabens fragrances and nanoparticles it

also has neo nourish natural seed oil

blend so this is a brand again that

focuses a lot more on

natural ingredients I know people that

refuse to wear sunscreen because there's

so many chemicals in it that even if

you're not just like acne prone you're

you know a lot of people are like for

the same reasons they don't like to use

bug spray they're like I don't want to

put those chemicals into my skin I saw

this line out specifically because I

knew it was not just gentle and

hypoallergenic but that it would be you

know more natural and have you know a

lot less chemicals in it than your

traditional sunscreens so it has you

know this line also has you know a pure

mineral sunscreen stick those are a

little bit smaller than the lotion I

like the lotion because I think it comes

in the best quantity they also have a

spray I can't really speak to the spray

option I've never tried it I like to mix

this with a little bit of lotion and

like my face lotion and apply it to my

skin because if you're you know if you

have super dry skin the only thing that

I can say is that it will leave a kind

of film on your skin that will highlight

the dry patches and you'll just get this

really kind of nasty white it'll look

like you put white clay on your face

like you painted your face with white

clay it takes a lot of rubbing in but it

is a much more natural product so it is

worth it in the end it's just that if

you have dry skin you might want to try

to mix it first with it on moisturizer

so that you're not getting that really

nasty sort of buildup on your face but

if you have oily skin like I couldn't

recommend this higher you probably just

put it straight on your face and go

I wear this out if I'm you know doing

something more athletic where I'm going

to sweat a lot I've worn this to the

pool I've worn this just driving in my

car I wear it under my makeup it's you

know better for me then pretty much any

other blend of you know some SPF

preventive you know daily moisturizer

because it gives you the SPF 50

protection and it's a gentler brand it's

a more natural brand it's long-lasting

it's water-resistant it kind of just has

everything you need in a sunscreen

and if you're especially acne-prone or

sensitive which I am this is a great

option because it's not going to break

you out it's not going to cause any kind

of irritation clearly a line formulated

specifically for babies so it's the most

gentle you could find essentially for

your skin if a lot of people kind of

have different reviews about how it

feels on your skin I would say it feels

a little bit sticky it's supposed to be

fragrance free all of their products is

supposed to be fragrance free this one

it smells like sunscreen I think that's

to be expected is a little bit sticky

definitely I would say that if you spill

it in your bag you will be sorry if you

don't use a little bit of a you know

watered down with a little bit of a

moisturizer it might be a little sticky

but again if you have oily skin you've

got nothing to worry about some people

say it feels more like lotion and it

doesn't feel greasy which I would

definitely not say it feels greasy it's

not a product that leaves you feeling

kind of greasy or anything like that so

you can buy this in a two pack as well I

also want to mention that because this

is a six fluid ounce container and aside

from just this lotion and the sprays and

the sticks you can get this lotion on

Amazon in a pack of two four six ounces

which is kind of nice because you will

run out I actually would miss the phrase

in this bottle is so beat up is because

it was the one I kept in my car for a

really long time so I keep one in my car

and I keep one with my face products and

I put it on almost every day so it's

nice it's light enough to do that I

would say if your acne prone you want to

make sure to wash it off at the end of

the day do not leave it on and light and

as natural as it is you don't want to

leave it on or you will probably break

out it will cause a certain amount of

buildup that being said it doesn't just

break it are you so this product does

not break me out so it is a much gentler

option and it's always protecting me

from the Sun so I would say I recommend

this product for anyone of any age if

you have a darker skin tone maybe you

might want to be a little careful

because it's a white very very like

clown white kind of piece

so you're gonna want to be careful to

not slather this on your face and not

you know do it a patch like a test first

because it's something that you

definitely have to rub it in but I think

that if you're you know light enough to

be using an SPF 50 sun protection then

this would be a really great option for

anyone I'm really glad I discovered this

brand it's natural its gentle and I

really couldn't recommend it more I use

it every almost every day so I hope you

enjoyed this video and I hope you have a

really great day thanks so much for