What is the Best Age to Spay or Neuter My Pet?

what is the best age to spay or neuter

your pets it's a big topic and a big

question there's a lot of controversy

out there right now on what is the

perfect age as far as literature goes

right now if you've got a female dog

it's still the safest to spay them

before their first heat it prevents a

lot of a lot of cancers and is also a

less traumatic surgery on your pet as

far as male dogs go they're finding that

later is better so if you can wait to 12

or 24 months provided you're not getting

behavior problems that's the optimal

time and cats both males and females

before the age of six months because if

you wait any longer with the males they

will start to spray and that can be a

behavior that you won't be able to turn

around really this is the best

information we have right now but like

with any field the information and

studies are changing and growing so it's

important to keep up with the latest

research it's one of the topics I always

seek out when I go to my continuing

education because I think as more

studies come out there these

recommendations may change but for now

this is current and this is what we

recommend here at bets to go