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diwali today i will be discussing about

world prematurity day and preterm babies

what is world prematurity day it is

celebrated on

17th of november every year to raise the


of preterm deliveries and how that

impacts the families who is preterm

every baby born before completion of 37

weeks of gestation

is considered as preterm babies

why world prematurity day celebrated

every year

15 million babies are born premature

every year that means 1 in every

10 babies are born premature prematurity

is one of the leading causes of death

under 5 years of age across the world

in low income settings half of the

babies born less than 32 weeks

die due to lack of basic care

premature delivery impacts the mother

baby and the whole family

if the appropriate medical care is not


world prematurity day reminds all of us

about the babies who are born too

early and the health challenges they

face while growing up

these babies need lot of love care and


and the world prematurity day is a

chance to show it

the theme for world prematurity day 2020

is together for babies born too soon

caring for the future this year's

message focus lies on

supporting the families supporting the

health professionals

and strengthening the health care


so what are the causes of premature

birth or pre-term birth

in about 50 percent of preterm births

the actual cause

and the possibilities of prevention

remain unknown

there are some risk factors where there

is a chance of having preterm deliveries

like if the mother's blood pressure is


or maternal diabetes any maternal


or problems with uterus or cervix

consuming alcohol

smoking or taking drugs

excessive physical work under nutrition

obesity sometimes free time dilutes can

happen if there is a genetic

background successful pregnancies after

assisted fertilization

short intervals between pregnancies

multiple pregnancies that is having

twins or triplets

and so on if the mother's age is less

than 18 or

more than 35 years and if the background

is from

low social economic class so

what is the treatment for freedom labor

in every case obstetric colleagues try


delay the delivery or try to postpone

the delivery

at least 48 hours to prepare the mother

and the baby

two major types of medications can be


number one medications to reduce the

uterine contractions

number two steroids which can help in

lung maturity of the baby so what

happens after birth

after birth obviously every term goes to

an icu

that is neonatal intensive care unit

nicu offers advanced technology

as well as specialized health care to


appropriate care for preterm babies and

critically ill newborns

these babies stay for days weeks or


depending on the gestational age of


and condition of the baby parents need

appropriate time

and they need to be given appropriate

information support

both social and psychological and

encouraged to cope with this difficult


and to find their role as parents we

will look at some health conditions of

preterm babies

babies are born preterm the less

developed their

organs will be many health conditions

can result from

immaturity of important organs and


including heart lungs digestive system


immune system skin and eyes

there are some long term effects of

preterm birth

some preterm babies can suffer from

lifelong effects

such as cerebral palsy mental


visual and hearing impairment poor

health and growth

babies who are born only few weeks early

what we call them as late free terms

sometimes can have long term

difficulties such as

behavioral problems social and emotional


learning difficulties and attention

deficit hyperactivity disorder

some children who wear preterms are more

likely as adults

to have chronic diseases such as heart


high blood pressure and diabetes a few

steps to prevent preterm

births proper advice and treatment of

lifestyle disorders

of women who are pregnant are planning


treating maternal medical conditions


treating infections appropriately having

regular checkups during pregnancy

avoid alcohol smoking and consuming


sometimes cervical switching and bed

rest helps

and last but not the least

giving steroid medications to the mother

helps in

lung maturity of the baby finally the

goal of the campaign is to increase the


around the world about the issues of

free terms

and helping the children survive and


we at medicalwood we have 25 at nicu

with the state of art facilities

dedicated team of neonatologists

pediatricians nursing team and other

supporting staff with 24x7

neonatal transport services thank you

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