What problems are most common in premature babies?


so premature babies can have a number of

problems the majority of the babies will

have issues relating to breathing and

feeding the smaller the baby is or the

more premature the baby is every system

in that baby's body is immature from the

brain to the kidneys to the liver to the

intestinal tract and they can have

unique and life-threatening problems

with each one of those systems in

particular infection is a big problem in

the very tiny premature infest but the

majority it's breathing have their lungs

fully developed or is there some extra

fluid once that's improved and we work

on feeding there's a reflux that

develops and babies to allow them to

coordinate sucking swallowing and

breathing typically that reflux begins

to develop when the babies around 35

weeks inside mom so when they're born a

term they're ready to go so depending on

the level of prematurity and where they

are in the development of that reflux

really determines how well they're going

to feed once their breathing problems

are under control