10 Minute Masterclass: Introducing a Lovey


hey I'm Rebecca Mickey children sleep

consultant and author and welcome to the

ten minute master class in this

masterclass I'm talking all about love

ease and when to introduce them let's

get started we know that we shouldn't be

introducing anything into our child

sleep space until they are twelve months

old so that means they're not having any

pillows any loose blankets and so that

also means then as well that love we

should not be in the sleep space with

your child and the reason for this is it

reduces the risk of sits but that

doesn't mean that you can't have

anything for your child's to be getting

attached to you just need to be looking

as when you are going to be using this

and so then when your child is old

enough you've hopefully got everything

in place and then they'll start taking

it and started really enjoying this

object as their loving so first off

think about what it is that you would

like to have for your child to have as

her love it needs to be something fairly

small fairly easy to wash and safe so we

know why one of these huge big Costco

teddy bears just a little blanket or a

little stuffed animal is fine if you

have something that you'd really like

your child to get attached to all you

noticing that they're already doing so

now go and buy another one it is always

best to have more than one because the

one's gonna get puked on or are you

gonna drop it in a puddle just before

naptime and then your child is gonna

need it for that nap you're kind of

looking at think you will as though that

dirty we have a spare you can just grab

your space and make sure if you do have

Louise that you have to I learned the

hard way with this with my daughters

they still have their lovey's they still

have pink dolphin and Mimi and piggy

they still have those and they both only

have one of each and so that's did some

because of you problem so definitely get

yourself another one when you can start

introducing a lovey

even from birth you just want to be

really strategic about how you're doing

it we want a lovey to be there as a

comfo object as a transitional object so

what I suggest that you do

is whenever you can it's not going to be

every time but whenever you can have

that with you whilst you are feeding so

that means that you're going to have

that maybe if they're you're always

nursing a chair at home have that right

there and so as you are nursing your

child or feeding your child you can have

that lovey right there you can have it

between the two of you you can have it

on your chance something that they can

then be holding something as they grow

that they can be manipulating and this

may help then with keeping them actually

entertained as they grow a little bit

older but they're beginning to associate

that with comfort because remember

feeding whether it's nursing whether

that's bottle feeding is not just about

food it's also about comfort it's about

love and it's about support and so we're

beginning to introduce something else

there at lovey which was that your child

will begin to associate with that

comfort with that love and with that

support as well so it's really good you

can do that don't worry about trying to

do it every time do not take it out with

you but just have that at home and you

can just be introducing that as your

chance beginning to get a little bit

older maybe having something that

they're going to be having is there with

their playtime you can have this if

you're having someplace hum for your

child in their sleep space in their crib

which I do encourage that you have every

day so your child is getting used to

being in that space and comfortable with

that space you can have that lovey in

there with their playtime again so

they're beginning to they're already

beginning to associate it with the love

support and comfort and that may help

then with them being in that space and

you not being right there with them but

being in the room met with them just a

really good sort of transitional that

link between you and them when they're

in when they're having that play time in

the crib you can then use that for any

night feedings as well having that where

you sit and feed bringing that out is

going to be perfect some families will

have that in with their child as their

child is beginning to fall asleep when

their child is older and I'm talking

more about nine months old and then they

wants their child has fallen to sleep

they can bend go and take it out if this

that's what they want to do remembering

what the guidelines are to have

thing in the crib until your child is 12

months old but so having it as there is

that transition as a child is help it is

learning it's got those skills to get

themselves asleep then going in and

taking that out if there's something

that you're that you want to do so just

go small it doesn't mean that just

because you bought something your child

is gonna instantly love it both of my

children were over a year old before

they got really attached to their thing

and so it was something that we worked

on and we did try some different things

and then when we saw there some things

that they liked then we certainly did

encourage that and they're now in their

teens and they still have pinged off in

me me and PE they still have those not

that they need them all the time but

they still have them and they still sort

of a very very threadbare now but very

very fond memories of them snuggling

with ours so it's never too early to

introduce a lovey just as long as you're

doing it safely thanks for watching I

will see you in the next master class