How to Introduce a Baby to Swimming: Safe Exit

we're going to talk through a safe exit

out of the water now when you're

swimming with your baby again the same

as when you get a baby into the water we

would recommend that you use a change

mat and get it wet so it's nice and warm

and lay that flat next to the pool if

you're swimming on your own and the

freeboard is quite low freeboard is the

edge of the pool in comparison to the

edge of the water so if there's not much

difference there you can lay your baby

on that change map again with their feet

pointing towards the water you then put

one arm across your baby and climb out

onto the side of the pool next to your

baby the reason why we recommend that

you keep that arm across your baby at

all times is because if they do roll

your arm is there to stop them rolling

into the water if the freeboard is very

high and there are integrated steps in

the water like there is at this pool

here we can lay them out as close to the

steps as possible again you lay your

baby on this change mat in the same way

as before so their feet are pointing

towards the water you can then start to

walk out of the steps keeping your arms

either side and then when you feel it's

safe to do so you can climb out on the

side of the pool next to your baby if

you're lucky enough to be going swimming

with somebody else that can help you

then one of you can get out of the water

first and go around next to the change

map and the other person can gently lay

their baby on that warm change mat again

with their feet pointing towards the

water you can keep your arms either side

of your baby whilst the other person

then take baby from the mat up into the

air as normal that then gives you a

chance to get out of the water without

having to worry about carrying them out

of a ladder or steps and slipping and

possibly taking your baby with you this

is a much safe way to get out of the