When Is It Safe to Put Water On Your Baby's Face?

when participating in water-related

activities all children should be

supervised by an adult always remember

that a child can drown in water as

shallow as 1 inch deep and in common

areas like bathtubs and toilets any

amount of water that covers the mouth

and nose can be life-threatening

I trained lifeguards and swim

instructors for the American Red Cross I

teach that water readiness is one of the

key components of drowning prevention

suits my little daughter Addie I've been

using all of my skills as a professional

to make sure that she is watering that

was this little one Addie as a newborn

taking in a big breath of water she

didn't like it at all but notice that

she didn't call that's because we've

been spending a lot of time getting her

comfortable with that feeling of water

on the face water can be really

dangerous so it's important as a parent

to be hyper aware of what's happening in

the environment around your child

inhaling too much water it caused damage

in the lungs which can look like cold or

flu symptoms if your child's breathing

doesn't sound normal following water

time we really want to see a doctor one

of the most important and commonly asked

questions for parents of newborns is

when is it safe to put water in my

newborns face dr. Angela Beale with the

American Red Cross recommends waiting

until about six months before allowing

your child in the pool or any other

recreational body of water once they're

old enough the American Red Cross says

that a maximum of three quick

submersions is okay during your water

session but I would suggest that one

half second submersion during your early

water time is plenty for a new parent

make sure you pay attention to how the

baby responds and always remember that

it's okay to take small steps with water

learning there's always another

opportunity during your next water time

with my daughter Addie my wife and I

started early on getting her used to the

water on her face as a way of prepping

her first swimming as early as possible

nap time was a perfect opportunity to

allow Addie to start exploring and

getting familiar with the filling of


simple things like rinsing her hair was

an opportunity to run water over your

face for other simple in-home activities

that you could do to get your kid ready

for their first swim lessons you might

want to check out our other videos these

types of small Cubs are great for the

early steps especially if you're a bit

nervous the bigger tub is great when

moving to more advanced water learning

this shower can also be a great tool and

there's another environment to get your

baby used to the water in their face

there's a bunch of stuff going on with

the moving water and it's a good

opportunity for gentle exposure to the

feeling of water around the nose in the

mouth area Addie and I sing songs during

our water time because I want her to

associate water with fun time and it's

another great way for me to bond with my

baby and make sure to save the

challenging or scary moments like quick

submersions for the later part of our

water time in case she really isn't

having it afterwards

try not to end your water time with your

baby unhappy because you don't want the

last activity to be a negative one that

the baby remembers for the next time

these little things have a huge effect

on even the youngest babies as a parent

you have to accept that not all water

time is going to be fun time in the

early stages your child's gonna breathe

in water and they're not gonna like it

but those little opportunities and those

little learning moments are super

important for their learning in the

water I've been teaching swimming for

more than 25 years and nothing prepared

me for the excitement and the

satisfaction of seeing all this work

that we've been doing at home in the tub

and in the shower

payoff when little Addie started to hold

her breath right about four months if

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