Baby's first swim!


i guess he's ready for us to start too

so should we just tell them we shouldn't

leave them in suspense yeah yeah yeah

so guys we we're not clickbaiting you


we have been thinking a lot about this


and i know we haven't been posting that

much lately

so we've been talking about it one of

the main reasons

is oleg has been so busy with work

we're blessed and super grateful that

during this time

when it's been locked down and a lot of


you know have lost their jobs oleg

included has lost

a lot of clients but yeah it was like a

quick cycle it was like

a loss of jobs and then i think a lot of

people because of the social distancing


getting things to an online base market

so that they need content so everybody

needs a photographer now

yeah so he got a lot of new clients

after losing some clients

in the beginning so he's been so busy he

started a new venture producing and

directing music videos

yeah i directed a couple videos guys if

you know who little mosey is i directed


little mosey music videos called banana

go check that out we're gonna have

summer anthem for sure you guys want to

check it out and a couple

others we'll link those in the

description so you guys can go check

those out too

and speaking of summer it is literally a

hundred degrees probably even more

in los angeles no way is it really

okay guys so it is a hundred and nine

degrees in los angeles today

as you can tell we are outside we're

gonna have a pool day

and i'm super excited because

we got this for little wolfie

and guys this is the first time we're

gonna put him in so we don't know what

the reaction's gonna be

he's probably gonna cry a little because

it's cold right it's not cold but for

him he's only had

warm baths so yeah exactly but we're

excited to try that out

so we're going to be doing that stay

tuned for that tara's here she's already


she wants to say hi i say hello hi

are you excited for a brother yeah and

it also has

the little things and when you shake

them they need a little sound

that's right and later you're going to

take the photo for him and the pool and

the gopro right

yeah all right have fun baby have fun

so the title of this video what we

wanted to get into

is that because oleg has been so busy


all his new clients and working on music

videos he has such long days on set

that we haven't been recording because

of it and there's a lot of days that

i've said to him

you know i have my own ideas of videos

that i want to do with tara

and now with wolf and really just kind

of day in the life videos vlogs so that

you guys can see what it's like for

me and tara and wolf when we're at home

without oleg

and we decided that we should just go

ahead with that so

we might you might see a little bit more

of me on the channel

there might be some days that you don't

see oleg in the videos well she already

threatened me and said that i'm going to

be praying you more so

yeah guys i don't really know how that's

going to go guys that's the other thing

is there's so many times that like i've

already pranked him once or twice and i

have another idea already in mind but

he's so busy with work

that i'm like okay i already pranked him

twice like i don't want to prank him a

third time i gotta give him time to get

me back

and if we didn't have to try to stick by

that schedule and

we would post so much more often i know

a lot of you guys are team britney so

i'm really excited that it's not going

to be my channel

but there's a lot of things that we

haven't been doing

like try on hauls and like fitness


and mom videos cooking things that i

really just want to do

and share with you guys so i'm really

excited to be doing that

i'm freaking dying oleg's russian this

is insane

obviously if you guys are new here he

cannot do heat i'm italian and hispanic


i love the heat i'm so happy in the sun


100 degrees is amazing for me i feel

sweat dripping down my back right now oh

we're also maybe going to take some

photos by the pool

today oh yeah so we're definitely doing

like a quick little it's his first time

oh and tomorrow guys so hit that

subscribe button if you're new tomorrow

we're taking like a little adventure

don't tell me don't tell them what it is

yet it'll be surprised all right guys so

we are going to take a dip in the pool

yeah cause it's hot

and comment down below if you're excited

for me to take over the channel and give

me some video ideas that

you guys want to see um for me to do


love you let's go swim suck sounds so


beautiful this is my mascara

oh don't drop the camera


guys you already know those are fire um

edit those up and fill them in a second


but we're about to get little wolf into

the pool so

let's try this right now

wolfie you ready buddy hey

okay tara tell me

dude are you excited right now okay how

excited are you

i'm like super excited for this part


he like like rolls like

i don't know but it's probably like it's


hot and like yeah i'm so excited to try

this out

i am too

so he goes right into here should we

just see how he likes it on me first

it's okay buddy

lay him on down what's that one goes


it's okay buddy

what are you gonna do

you're my little water baby you're my

little cancer


and you get to be in the pool

isn't that silly nice

oh you love it buddy

it's so relaxing

he loves it just like


so guys the floaty was a little bit big

for him

kept sinking in he kind of cried he

cried a little bit so i think he just

wants to be on mom

because it's something new you know he

doesn't want to be just like let go

i feel like it's too much freedom


terry show me how you dive in


all right i think it's time that he goes

in a little bit

it's hot out here get him in there


yeah we do


what do you think


you're such a brave boy

let's do one last dip ready


summer time baby and we're about to show

you the beautiful

view under there it's so pretty

we are at the pool


the sky is chilly

and we're gonna go

down there in there

then we'll take it back up can i take it

down then

in the water are you

hi ready fans