Teaching baby life-saving water skills at Aqua Safe

unfortunately we hear too many stories

about tragic drowning accidents but now

some parents are trying to prevent that

by enrolling their babies in swim

classes aquasafe in scottsdale offers a

class called babbles and bubbles for

kids six weeks old and team 12s Tricia

Hendricks went out to check this out

three month old Samuel is getting some

valuable pool time he does love to float

on his back along with his classmates

they're learning how to feel comfortable

in the water

and just the early stages of learning

how to control their body that's the

goal of the babbles and bubbles swim

class at aquasafe in Scottsdale these

swimmers are between six weeks to five

months old it's just the first stage for

these little swimmers we teach them to

rollover take a breath and then roll

back onto their tummy and kick to the

wall safe entry and exits are an

important part of the lesson while they

may lack some of the arm strength right

now to pull themselves out it's never

too early to try to go through the

motions we also teach them monkey walks

where they use their hands on the wall

and walk to this step and then climb out

safely also new skills to prevent

drownings and most importantly it gives

parents a little peace of mind

god forbid something happened


could be the difference between me

picking them up and patting on the back

and something else

hoping this entry class with awareness

helped save some lives

the number one prevention is watching

your kids around water number two is

teaching them about the water tricia

hendricks 12 news