How to Calm Down An Overly Excited Dog


welcome friends to Caesar SOS I am Cesar

Millan the dog behavior expert here to

break down the struggles that you the

viewers are having with your own dogs

we've been getting tons of Instagram

videos with the hashtag Caesar SOS

there is one that I really want to share

with you meet legacy the pitbull


I love pitbulls and I know this people

so well one of my dogs his name is jr.

and he acts pretty much the same way

obviously my dog has rules boundaries

and limitations and I always ask people

to do no touch no talk no eye contact

this is a classical example of a dog who

was born to be happy-go-lucky so what we

need to do with a dog that is

happy-go-lucky naturally excited

naturally enjoy life naturally he wants

to play with everything wants to meet

every single human in the world every

single dog in the world

every single cat in the world every

single tree in the world

that's all they want to do with life so

what they have to learn they have to

learn to not touch totally by concept

how do they accomplish that is the

humans actually have to practice no

touch no talk no eye contact until that

pitbull arms down then they can read

them or play with them it's very simple

to change this state of mind is all

about teaching the dog to be more scent

like then excited like so no touch no

talk no eye contact I'm gonna show you a

tool that I invented actually meant to

because of jr. and I call it the pack

leader call the pack leader collar means

direction protection I want to make sure

that my dog has good direction so in

order for you to have a good direction

with your dog the leash have to be all

the way in the top the neck so this part

right here it's almost like a training

wheels for people so that so that that

way the leash estate although on the top

of the neck the top of the net is going

to be the most sensitive easiest way to

guide a dog that's why in a dog show the

leash is always at the top of the neck

what you do with that is you control the

nose right away from the ground and that

though wants to move forward you just

slightly put up so that makes the dog

stays in that place and practice more

relaxation than anything else so you're

actually using less physical effort by

using this color they did the other

traditional colors


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thank you for joining me I am Cesar

Millan until next time