Saying Goodbye To our BEST FRIEND Polar! Emotional Dog Funeral.

today is the day guys today is gonna be

a very very difficult day fortunately

for us we have a lot of work to do this

morning and today anyway the kids slept

with polar downstairs last night in the

basement and kind of had a last

sleepover with him and as I was laying

there last night in bed I was just

thinking like when you have a puppy and

you bring it in your life and they're

kind of a pain because they choose stuff

up and they do all these things but it

brings so much joy and happiness and fun

well and then and then they just become

part of your family and then over the

years you know they have these different

events that happen then the dogs part of

all the camping all the outdoor stuff in

the backyard the kids playing in every

picture in the backyard and a video that

we've had like includes that the animal

included polar and so it's gonna be hard

not seeing that I know today is gonna be

difficult but it's it's days after that

or gonna be difficult and then I thought

you know it's like losing family members

which we all do on a regular basis and

it's just so hard it's it's something

that just some of you have probably

already gone through it recently or

maybe you're going through right now

it's just something that we have to go

through and I thought why do we have to

go through that this is this is

something that is inevitable which means

it's absolutely going to happen in this

life here on this earth and I thought

why do we have to go through this why

why why that's because it's supposed to

be that way we're supposed to understand

that we came here for a reason and we're

here for a reason but we also have to go

and we can't be here forever nothing

lasts and remains forever

except for those relationships that we

build except for those memories that we

make those lasts forever and so we have

those memories with polar we have those

memories and we have that relationship

and and those are the things that are

going to be going away and so anyway

just thinking about that last night I

was then you I'm sure a lot of you had

those same questions we're just like why

does this have to happen it's part of

life we I think we have to you know we

have to fill this sorrow we have to fill

this pain so we can understand I can

understand what joy is we can understand

the opposite of and so we can make a

decision each day to just get up and go

and and keep working through life

because the harder we work the better

things are

in terms of in with our relationships

and everything in life so anyway I'm

gonna go wake the kids up it's it's time

for them to get up and see how polar did


Charlie's down here too huh Charlie's a

poof kind of the sleep guys every good

eye buddy

good morning football you go outside

this poor guy going up the stairs you

can do it buddy come on see that that

right there is why we have to do what we

have to do I'm gonna help him

we got polar out and got him on down the

stairs and he immediately just laid it

right down to tired giving up those

stairs and then coming down these three

three four steps just too much for him

I'm buddy it's all right he's just tired

just tired me

so I was just looking out the backyard

minute ago watching polar and thinking

you know what he's he's looking better

he's jumping up really fast and he's

just looks more healthy and and then he

decided not to go the direction he was

gonna go and he decided to go back to

lay back down he just kind of fell on

the lawn so I'm like okay we'll do this

but I am honestly I'm not I'm angry

right now I'm like trying to get over it

but I'm just angry we're sitting in the

driveway literally sitting in our

driveway running late

not running late we sat in the car we

got in the car on time but we're just

sitting here and because this is Polar's

last this is him leaving and it's hard

it's the little kids don't really know

what's going on if they still are just

kind of doing what they normally do a

bit it's just hard

I don't like that we have to make this

decision I'm actually quite angry memory

one of the memories I really like this

polar was sleeping on the trampoline

outside in the summertime we would

always sit on the trampoline outside

we'd always sleep on the trampoline

outside and I really liked it when polar

and Charlie or both there I'm gonna

sleep on the trampoline trampoline

that's the same thing with me really


and everything one thing I really like

about polo is just like he's super sweet

one thing I like about polar is he can

view ourselves all the time

he dies he could still be with us what I

like about polar

like calm until when your

like sleeping with him rolling me crazy

yeah Travis great

the reason we're taking puller down to

my dad's farm instead of having him at

our house is the farm is our happy place

it's been in our family longer than

we've been a family and it's just a

place that we love to go and play and be

peaceful and be together as a family and


we're supposed to be meeting the vet at

at the farm at 3:30 well it's 335 and

we've been stuck in traffic for awhile

and I want to say stuck I mean look at

this we just say hearing wait hopefully

the vets late it doesn't

yeah we're just stopped there just a

stop sign if they're holding everyone

back anyway I've been sent you're

thinking about polar some my favorite

memories of polar Branson's asleep but

anyway we were camping one time with the

scouts and we had a box of wood that we

brought in the box was just a small box

but anyway I just end there thinking

about that because it was starting to

get cold and polar didn't want to sit on

the cement that we were standing on

we're camping around the fire and didn't

wanna get close to fire either well we

look over and he's trying to climb

inside the box like he literally has all

four legs and his bum setting in the box

and all of a sudden so he looked over

the box broke open and anyway polar

trying to get inside the box and then

another one of my favorite memories is

just the way polar was this kind of

explains away polar really was in terms

of our family dog is we slept outside

all of us decided to sleep outside he

slept on the trampoline with the kids

and Sarah actually she said that she

would sleep out there with us too well


I got bugs at my nose she started that

bugs really bothering her and so she

went in and and then a few hours later I

heard something out front it was like a

noise out front and I and polar

immediately jumped up from where he was

laying with the kids and he ran to the

front gate to the side gate of the house

sniffed underneath that did a little

bark and then he went from there and he

started sniffing around to where that he

heard the noise and then it came back

and went around the perimeter of the

yard went to the other gate check things

out came back

sniffed each one of the kids heads and

then came over and sniffed my head just

to make sure everybody was okay and then

he went back and laid down with the kid

and that's pretty much what polar was he

was just that's that's his job that's I

think that's the thing I'm having the

hardest time with this is him this is

his job we're releasing him from his job

and that's hard because he believes that

his job is to protect us and he's done

such a good job but now he's just so old

and and he just won't let go and I think

it's because he he believes that he

still needs to get stay here and protect

us so anyway those are some my favorite

memories of polar my favorite memories

up about polar like Johnny said polar

would always make sure that everyone in

the yard was safe if the kids would go

outside to play he would stay right next

to them and he'd always sniff them and

walk around the perimeter sniff them and

once he did that a couple times and he

knew they were safe he would lay down in

the shade and just watch him play

another one my favorite memories is just

the day that we got polar our other dog

had died in the night and I had to tell

Branson when he got home from school

that she had died and he was just so

heartbroken and Johnny called me and

said one of my buddies just my buddies

has puppies they're only five weeks old

so we wouldn't be able to get one for a

week and I was like I don't know if we

want to get another dog right away we'll

talk about it later and that night

johnny was late coming home from work

and he walked in and he had

cute little white fluffy little puppy

and it made the heartache of the day

just disappear with the love of that

puppy you guys know that Poehler went to

was stolen from our house and taken to

Las Vegas which was for us like six or

seven hours away stolen from our yard

and we actually got him back after a

month and then they offered us four

thousand dollars for him

Polar's had a crazy life he broke his

hip when he was a puppy jumped out to

the backside of my brother's truck and

broke his hip and that was just young he

was only a couple months old yeah he's

had a crazy life it's been ice fishing a

ton of times fishing it was just like.he

up until he couldn't run or anything

like that he was always going outdoors

with us everywhere he went everywhere

with his camping and fishing

okay guys we're at the farm now this is

the hard part let's get out the vet is

here waiting for us I think what we'll

do is we just let fuller wander around a

little bit we'll see what the vet wants

to do from that point and he's already

getting tired

I was already just kind of by wandering

he thought he was gonna be able to run

around but he's not he's not gonna be

able to pull her anybody older

so when we pulled in I realized that

this is the first time in two-and-a-half

years that I've been to the family farm

I wasn't here for a couple months before

the mission and it's been about two

months as I've been home so it's been

about yeah a little over two and a half

years which is I love this place so much

and this was one of the places that I

really really missed when I was on my

mission because during the summers

before I've come down and help with the

yard I'd help clean up I'd help fix

anything that was broken so yeah two and

a half years since I've been here it's

really good to be back but not the day

not today to be back so we brought this

blanket so that we can lay pull her on

it and then we planned to actually bury

him in as well so we don't have to mess

with his body or anything afterwards so

I know this might sound a little bit

creepy a lot of like I don't know morbid

almost talking about like body and all

that stuff but it's part of life this is

this is really this is a part of life

it's a hard part of life but it is a

part of life and so what do you guys

think about right here this is this is a

good spot this is gonna be quick and

simple we just talked to the vet she's

just gonna give him one shot we're not

gonna show you the shot don't worry

about that it's getting one shot and

then he's gonna go to sleep and and he

won't really feel anything it's just


you guys want to tell him goodbye


I'm gonna be the one to say bipolar

why don't you guys go around and find

some big rocks that you can put on top

of we're pullers buried do you want to

do that go look around and find some big

rocks okay and then we'll remember we're

pullers that okay

the butterfly oh cool let's see whoa

how'd you catch tonight

that was polar spirit telling you he's

happy welcome back you'll see him again

soon okay

she may be safe prayer guys

the big car is from me

what's your favorite thing about both or

best memory well I love about Poehler is

he is very very loyal he was always

making sure we were okay and everyone

was there and he would us before himself

make sure before he was pleased that

everyone else was and then one of my

favorite memories is when he would

always come and sleep in our room with

us one of my favorite memories what I

thought of his when I was a little one

day because I've got aside like every

single day and I'd stayed there and then

I'd eat dinner and then go back outside

and one day it was raining super hard

and I liked the rain and I was like

soaking wet and polar like came out from

one of the porch and even though he

didn't like thunder or anything

I was sitting against the wall and I

just like soaking wet and getting rained

on and he came and just sat with me and

we just sat there in the rain and yeah

that's one of them I said but I love we

love polar still they've been a couple

hours and I miss him a lot

I keep expecting to look outside and see

him but he's not there but we still love

him it's been kind of a rough day but we

know that he is healthier and he's

happier and he's not in pain anymore

which is a good thing even though it's

sad it's best for him with you guys if

you have something everyone goes through

something that's hard and difficult and

rough but my advice to you is don't hide

your emotions show them don't bundle

them up because eventually they will

explode and it's not fun to explode so

share your emotions people can help you

and people will be there for you to help

make it less difficult or to push

through the difficult thing we love you

guys and as always you are worth it

I believe in you