Why rain in Dubai is such a big problem

when it rains in Dubai it pours


so the city is more or less known for

356 days of Sun seen Sam but the holiday

to the United Arab Emirates and you are

virtually guaranteed to have a great

couple of days here weather-wise but

what happens when it isn't a nice day

what happens on a day like today what

happens when it rains here in Dubai it's

a common joke here in the city that you

buy has two seasons the hot season and

the very hot season and that is somewhat

true from September to March the weather

is generally very nice and then after

that during the summer it gets quite a

bit hotter but there's a period of time

generally between those two points where

the weather gets a bit interesting

that's when Dubai gets wet windy and

stormy it's also when you can expect

sandstorms or that are cold here your

mouth those of you watching this from

places like Europe the US or Asia you're

probably thinking hey that's just a bit

of rain what's the fuss all about but

for a desert city like this one rain is

actually a pretty big deal why because

Dubai as a city has been expanding

exponentially over the last 30 years

what used to be a small sleepy fishing

village is now one of the largest

economic hubs in the Middle East

population has ramped up massively and

so then has construction infrastructure

is now built all along the coast of the

city and now into the desert as well but

when you are building roads in a city

that never rains there's only one really

easy concession to make drains

yes drains in Dubai are not really a

thing and unlike the roads in some

places in Europe where it can rain every

other day our roads really aren't cut

out for harsh weather not only that but

think about drivers here who are very

unused to driving in the rain when

you're not prepared for it accidents can

and often do the curb

now I know that whether or not it rains

here in Dubai isn't a thing that most

people think about but residents

certainly do and when I try to explain

what happens when it rains here to

people outside of the region I liken it

to when it snows in places like London

for example which completely shuts down

fortunately for us it doesn't rain all

that often here in Dubai and while the

odd shower like the one today is a tad

unexpected what I can tell you is in a

day or two we'll be back to glorious

sunshine and that will probably last the

next six months hey guys thanks for

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