Is it possible to get pregnant just a few days before my period starts?

he wanted to know if you can get

pregnant as a result of having

intercourse a few days leading up to

your period and when it comes down to it

a woman is fertile for six days out of

each month five days leading up to

ovulation and on the day of ovulation

and ovulation usually happens about 12

to 16 days before the woman's next

period is going to begin so ultimately

it really depends on how long your

cycles are and a normal cycle length is

anywhere from 25 to 35 days in length

from the beginning of one period to the

beginning of the next and so let's say

that your periods are about 28 days long

so that means that your fertile window

could actually start on day 7 or if you

were to ovulate on day 16 your fertile

window would start on day 11 and because

you don't know exactly when you're

ovulating it's not a perfect science it

can happen a little bit earlier or later

than the norm or what you expect the

best thing to assume is that you're able

to get pregnant anytime after your

period ends through a few days past the

midpoint of your cycle so again if your

cycles are 28 days long the midpoint is

day 14 and add a few days to that and

just make that your fertile window from

the time your period ends until a few

days past the midpoint of your cycle but

if you've only had intercourse in the

couple of days leading up to when your

period starts then it's not possible for

pregnancy to result from that in

addition if you had a regular period

then it's safe to say you're not

pregnant because pregnant women don't

have periods actually the first sign of

pregnancy is a missed period so if the

day ever comes when your period should

start and it hasn't and you've had

intercourse during those days that could

possibly fall within your fertile window

then you should either rule out or

confirm pregnancy as the cause by taking

a test if the first test is negative

wait about a week or so and if you still

haven't started a normal period then

take another test and if you're seeing

negative results about two weeks from

the time your period should have started

it's safe to say pregnancy isn't the

likely cause but it's always best to

call your doctor and let them know and

they can ask you more questions and

determine if further investigation is

warranted if you're not pregnant but you

did miss a period

then continue to track your bleeding

patterns and if you go three months

without a period or you have spotting in

between periods associated with

intercourse or you're experiencing heavy

bleeding any bleeding patterns that are

unusual to you call your doctor and

again after asking you more specific

questions they can give you tailored

information and advice about it good

luck with everything and if you have

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