How to Wear Suspenders

hey what's up guys to teach in my

fashion this we gonna be talking about

suspenders as the spiders are relatively

easy to pull off and you should sort of

have the same concept in mind when

you're going to go pick out a belt the

same thing kind of applies when you're

gonna pick out a suspender in my opinion

I like suspenders better obviously you

can't wear them all the time like when

your weight you can't wear them with

jeans but sometimes over here but you

can't wear them with chinos and dress

pants in my opinion it does look better


picking out suspenders it's very easy a

lot of suspenders will have leather

straps or the braces the ones where you

brace it onto the pan most of them will

be lovin right now like anything else

like I've said coordination so if you

don't wear black shoes make sure these

the leather here is black right and this

is like a classic Navy suspender which

will go with almost any outfit and it's

very serious but I think it looks good

and again if it's gonna be brown pants

go with brown leather braces and again

it's a blue one that's a different

leather strap but suspenders don't have

to always be boring there are more

casual suspenders nice they're not as

serious like these one these leather

ones they look about see and alright and

then I have these now you can wear these

with almost any dress pan you can think

of right and almost any effort when

you're choosing it it's not like

choosing a talent it has to coordinate

your outfit it really can sort of stand


I have bold red ones that I can put on

with almost any outfit obviously

obviously look yourself in the mirror

see if it does look good but it doesn't

have to coordinator man fitting like

these you know have older dogs by the

way so you can basically have foam

suspenders are a lot of prints there's

something to have a newspaper prints or

the skyline of Paris on them in which

these are coconut great polka-dotted

burgers in the back and then these are

just some green bringing these straps

see and like I said they're not always

going to be leather these are just

Burgundy straps now when you are going

to use

make sure they are there actually braces

and not clip-on suspenders clip-on

suspenders they look cheap and it looks

like you're cutting corners the same

thing it's like the same thing when

you're using a clip-on bow ties or

clip-on ties same thing you're cutting

corners right I had the extra step five

bunts so ways to extra money the extra

five dollars and tickets a tailor and

haven't put them in that's probably how

much he's going to charge your anyways

and they go inside here for those I

haven't seen it so he just he doesn't

for you and you just puts in buttons

where the braces would go and basically

just strap on your suspender like this

now if you follow me on instagram or any

of my on my website see my pictures you

see that I wear a lot of these so I'll

put a couple examples now so you can see

how they look

and that's basically hit I mean wearing

suspenders I think it's it looks better

you know it's that that same old like

felt that everybody's in a way and when

you're wearing a place and let's say you

have for some reason on but it looks

like you're not wearing a belt and it

makes your streamline flow better

instead of having about that chops your

body in half and interrupts that visual

streamline oh you're so wet so that's

why I like suspenders so if you want to

guys want to try it out make sure

remember that they're actually braces

and they're going on not clip-ons

because over gee I hope this video

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