When DO You Start Farting In a Relationship Leo and Reb AUDIO

taproot other stupid survey okay stupid

survey what you got I love these stupid

service wow you know way I brought you

breakfast your night been eating I'm

gonna ask you I thought it was just feel

oh because yeah I eat with two forks all

the time all I need to the other fork I

hate you okay it's all good Lanisha let

me ask you a question Rebecca okay

what's up wing can one start openly

passing gas in a relationship oh that's

easy what's the answer never that's not

true I don't do it a new survey ask

people when is it cool start partying in

a relationship in front of somebody else

I'll again part though I know the most

popular amount of time to wait before

letting it rip you ready please tell me

they say wow three to six months of

dating Wow let her rip yeah let's go for

both yeah I ginger back to the woman's

closer ones is the amount of time that

you should probably wait three to six

months of dating before you're really

kind of comfortable with someone that

you can rip a bezel out right in front

of them and let them take that big old

whiff for the first time

no that's a big moment there's are lots

of big moments in relationships the time

that you can fart in front of them is

another one just saying I mean you know

needless to say some people get

comfortable far more quickly than that

yeah yeah yeah well this is a um nice

amount of time I think it's fair yeah

mind you I I wouldn't if you and I were

dating right now I would never I would

never nay I would never do it in front

of me nope really yep not on purpose

mommy's don't do that look if I made you

laugh your heart and it came out but no

well yeah sorry yeah alright we you know

we were sleeping in the bed and we woke

up together like this morning and what

happened you know my sleep and you had

to be a wake up you tell me about the

next time be like sorry that one

couldn't be helped now in the sleep and

don't count yes they don't count wow

those don't count ten percent of people

to start passing guys immediately they

say in this relationship yeah those

really should don't last I'm telling you

right now I'm telling you right now wow

you could buy guess who was you could

probably guess way wayward back in the

day I dated someone who got real

comfortable real quick belching far

scratchy you're exactly right that one

did not last they don't wanna come on

but you knew him so you know seven

percent said farting is opened up in a

relationship once you said the words I

love you if it takes a year be it it

takes three years be it once you say I

love you then boom farting is available

now for ever done I can I can see that

because once you've said those three

little words it just opens the door to

so much it opens the door to stilly

going to UM go poo in front of your

boobs yeah you know what I'm saying once

the I Love You comes out you probably

don't even care about that

it's not all hang out some people survey

said once you've had sex what does it

matter after that it's all open now


I mean come on once you've gone there I

mean what the hell bag throw PD thought

oh come on you know as long as gonna

throw up any throw out in the middle

during in the middle of a censuring

during sash so there you have it um

there's different little milestones some

say three to six months some say once

you say i love you some say once you've

done the deed so it doesn't yeah I don't

know to me I don't think you can even

control it when it's gonna happen guess

what it's kind of happy I I think that

more so applies to guys like guys are

much more just kind of free with that

kind of guys will more than likely be

the first yeah to do it because we don't

give a damn no not at all but you ladies

you're yeah it's gonna take some time

and you know in my past experiences once

you do let it go and we don't um seem to

mind then it's an open oh yeah

invitation to some more it's a fart fist

every time we get together art then we

start playing game like a fart i'll be

like guess what I had for lunch scale

the guess what I had for lunch game is

so fun especially when you're in a car

with the windows up some didn't know

yeah I've done it on road trips I'm like

I it's time to play guess what I had for

line and the kids are in the back seat

me until they realize exactly what the

game is else yeah

let's grab lunch gay you are so nasty