YOU ARE SUPPOSED TO FAIL - Best Motivational Video

got this question from our friend calls

himself DK DK is a young dude who wants

to be a basketball player so he does

what any young man with ambition and a


will do gets up every single morning

very early practices his skill it gets

out there and triples the ball before

school is in a fasted state he's

committed he's disciplined he's


he put in all the effort that's

associated with what it would typically

take to reach success except he fails

doesn't make the basketball team and

this is not the first time I can't

figure it out what's going on here

what's keeping me from reaching my goal

although I put everything that I have

into it am I just doomed to failure for

the rest of my life and he's falling

into the depths of depression because of

this circumstances the best experience

one things you got to understand my

friend that you're supposed to fail

you're supposed to fail because

failure is the stepping stone to success

it's not just cliche you know that

sounds nice you put it in a

Hallmark card right failure is a

stepping stone to success

that poetic you need the

logical reason why because failure is an

experienced it lends to wisdom that

ultimately makes you a stronger version

of yourself right right now you wanna

play basket well it's not the cards for

me but you know what you discovered how

to be committed gotta be disciplined how

to deny the self so that you can move

forward in the direction of your

trainers you've won in that regard the

failure is just a signpost that you're

going in the wrong direction to

understand you were discovering

something about yourself and you're

exercising your character every time you

get up and try something move in the

direction of something even if you don't

get the thing

it's not about thing it's not about

making the basketball team it's not

about making million dollars it's about

what you learned along the way who you

become along the way it's that

journey and you're on the journey and

guess what the journeys are the journey

is really with failure and that's why

most people don't do it most people

aren't willing to get on that journey

because they're afraid to fail you my

friend have failed

congratu-fucking-lations the greatest

thing that ever happened to you

because it shows that you're alive the

Chosin did something and it shows that

you're growing just wrong now don't

fail again boy I hope I hope you

guys or watch these videos I don't

become available thousand times

keep going out there and failing you

know what that means every time you fail

it means to me that you're doing

something go out there and fail