When is it Okay to Cheat on Your Girlfriend? - Love & Sex Stuff

Tim I brought you to this nice Park here

today to tell you something that's gonna

be hard for you to hear there's uh well

there's another man in my life

is it Greg no not Greg is it Kevin Geoff

Ramsey no how many men do you have

God so Nick yes today we got a question

from Buster blaster 24-year old name my

girlfriend and I got a huge fight and

she kicked me out of the house I ended

up cheating on her with my friend did I

do anything wrong

what is it okay to cheat on your

girlfriend well Buster it's never okay

to cheat on your girlfriend yeah you did

something you did something that's not

okay there's only a few acceptable

circumstances where you can get with

someone else while you're dating someone

what are they do not exclusive if you're

just casually amber yeah you know like

hey we just started dating

you're not boyfriend girl got it yeah if

she's seeing someone else you're usually

dating and then you have to have the

conversation of like hey are we gonna

just focus on each other right now or

are we gonna just play the field that is

one acceptable circumstance where you

could hook up with someone else that is

what's known as the DTR

that's a the relationship ah god there's

a moment in every relationship where you

have to DT I was gonna say dance dance

revelution but that's similar a little

different yeah the only other acceptable

time I would say is if you're a really

progressive relationship where she

doesn't really care or he doesn't really

care if you hook up with other people so

long as you're committed to them from

more of an emotional standpoint that is

that is very amorous that's more of a

polygamist relationship or an open

relationship as they say which people do

do and that's cool and in my world it's

a beautiful beautiful fantasy land

called hope and then the third way

obviously is like you know the little


threesomes orgies whatnot yeah if if

that's the type of thing sure you sure

your wife swap and maybe for you want to

be cuckold right we usually hurt it's hi

you up in the corner and then she brings

me some twenty two-year-old stud and

he's just

because it sounds by the way you've

never heard my thing is the moment that

you are in a position where you're

thinking about cheating especially be

doing it for revenge

yeah and I should not be in that

relationship that is that is problematic

there's no there's no acceptable

reasoning and you'll never be able to

have a level of trust with your partner

ever again after that occurs if you're

trying to cause emotional harm

yeah then yeah that's kind of a [ __ ]

up thing also the one thing I would say

is you have to ask yourself why did you

go do that

mm-hmm more often than not especially in

relationships when things are not

necessarily clear you can look at

yourself like why did I do that was it

because I wanted to end this

relationship was it because I'm not

happy here and I'm just acting out or is

it because I'm scared that she's doing

something else I don't know but either

way that is a sign to me that you might

need to take a hard look at the reality

of your situation here and and make some

tough choices it's interesting because I

have a a friend group that is pretty

large and from the extended group of

that there's two people I know that are

in a relationship and this happens all

the time where they'll get in a fight

and then they'll go [ __ ] someone else

and I feel like they just start

one-upping each other and like it turns

into this thing where it's normal for

them it's part of their relationship and

the way that they handle conflict to go

out and [ __ ] other people and guess what

that makes everybody in our group look

at them and be like you guys you're

dysfunctional and now it's into us and

that's bad and it's like it's affecting

even the people around you and I think

that's something to keep in mind because

there is no way for you to go to someone

else asking for advice and for them to

be open and honest with you and be able

to help you when you are making matters

so much more yourself do not cheat on

anybody and especially not for spite I'm

never gonna help it's never gonna make

anybody feel good at the end of the day

and Buster I hope things work out for

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