Taking Care Of Newborn Puppies

taking care of newborn pups the first

step to taking care of newborn pups is

taking care of mom it's very important

as she's going to be the caregiver of

these pups so she should be eating more

and she should be drinking more and she

should be going outside to the bathroom

or or sugar outside as I say but it's

very important that she has adult dog

food and you may even want to add a

supplement to that now the puppies when

they're eating they should be very

aggressive this is a sign that they are

healthy puppies and that they're doing

fine so one-third it's time for feeding

expect them to be aggressive one of the

signs that they're getting enough food

will be that they'll sleep well so their

tummies are full and they're sleeping

well these are two signs that the

puppies are doing fine another thing

when it comes to the puppies before the

first three weeks of their life it is

very important for them to stay warm

one of the main deaths of puppies is

killing and that means when they get too

cold so you should keep the room

temperature about 75 to 85 and if not

you can use a blanket like the one in

here but this has not really suggested

this blanket in this scene here I am was

using because I was sitting right there

but you should use a thinner blanket

like a baby blanket so that they don't

get lost in it and then have a heating

so I'm kind of heating a heater next to

it or something like that you know

confined where they can't get to it but

you'll also notice here that the puppies

twitch that's another sign that the

healthy puppies of the nervous system

it's developing now one of the things

about puppies are very adorable but they

can be take a lot of time to clean up

and as you see here if they pooped and

then they walk on and they touch each

other so you can bathe them and if you

do decide to bathe them because mom

normally will take care of the job but

maybe not in good time depending on

where they are you don't want the

puppies it to be stinging too long but

just use a really damp warm cloth that

can have a little baby soap in it to

wash them down you don't want to get

them wet just want to wipe them down

some and get them clean you know maybe

underneath because that's where they'll

be crawling on and then on their backs

for where the touched yeah another tip

taking care of pups is their nails

sometimes their nails are very very

sharp and they can irritate mom when

they're feeding so you can click

but if you do decide to clip their nails

you have to be very careful and that

there is meat underneath those nails and

if you clip too much you can really hurt

them and then the bleeding can be very

painful and take a long time to stop so

just cut the very very tips if you have

to and that'll keep them from scratching

mom and the other walking is something

that happens at about three weeks but

they're still a bit wobbly this is about

the same time that they start to open up

their eyes but they really can't save

too well until around maybe the fourth

or fifth week same with the walking

really well and running around but they

will still play with each other this is

another reason to clip their tips of

their nails because as they're playing

with each other

at this stage when they can't see too

well they might scratch another pup in

the eye or something so last but not

least you don't want to handle the

puppies too often and that it can make

them sick so remember you're just mom's

helping hand

most of these tips that I gave you here

and how to take care of newborn pups

will vary according to the puppies as

all puppies are different they might not

be exact i opening may take four weeks

or may take three weeks it's same with

the walking so that will vary hope I've

given you something here useful and take

care thank you for watching this is for

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