TEEN CONTROLS OUR DAY *Family can't say NO to Kaci for 24 hours!!*

thank you Sam hey DVD fan so today you

guys have all been waiting for this okay

so you might want to remember that at

some point it might be case he says you

wait for that it is Casey servers so as

you guys may remember from grace says

she made me go to the shops in some ugly

it's hard okay whatever dude

so today I've got a few tricks up my

sleeve and I'll be getting revenge yeah

they're upstairs and they're like

getting ready and chillin I'm watching a

film but they will not be chillin for

long because I'm gonna go up there under

there and give them a few jabs why I'm

waiting for them lot I'm gonna give you

a little quick outfit of the day okay so

today we're at a great humour jump up

that I'd like to tie it up with a hair

band some blue jeans and white blue

socks jeans are from Topshop

from Primark yeah that's it let's go up

there and see how everyone is hello

who's ready for the video yeah Casey

just remember okay and I'm always nice

to you that's my money yeah

cash money mate hey first things first

Pacey says great going on does it give

you some hangers like loads of hangers

hangers yes and mom and that Casey said

this got to my room so I always always

Oh hide in my room okay and if grace has

a really messy room because she just

lets it build up I'm sometimes have to

help her

me so today as you kidding your room is

never messy Hey

basically I'll be like she's really nice


my name is Whitman listen I was like

I'll tidy up a bit and leave my bed and

some rubbish that needs to be taken down

okay so Casey says mom make my bed oh

she's got very puppies snaps her fingers

and it's done Wow Casey said hang up

Mike you didn't make that much change

she said I loads and loads there is

quite a lot of closer to fact that took

my ieave oh yeah yeah yesterday I had no

idea what than just thinking oh I was

thinking really hard like what am I

gonna make them do so I went on a few

YouTube videos and I've got myself a

little list here it's very fair



no I don't do my plants I like the

blinds up

why don't you want me Mom pinky says

take down my rubbish and pushing because

that's what she always makes me doing

the stairs and then wash in and dirty

rubbish dad I just thought thank come to

my room

it's such a shame that kcj scientist

gets put to waste it's sitting on the

shelf I look a lot better hung up you

want me to hang that up yeah you want me

are you sure you want me to hang now

that's why I'm saying that good oh yeah

why do I guys Martin doesn't live at our

house so see very sad story

so everybody just see this thing it's

just sitting there so Peggy says can you

hang my PJs sign up wrong place wrong

532 okay what now yeah

I'll even put it here right there on the

shelf too much going on over there I

think maybe this wall

coz there's going on so we got here yeah

yeah that is goodnight

thank you I let us know when it's done

guys don't you especially me love the

apt phoning on buttons because you

combine outfits so Casey says dad buy me

an outfit from my wardrobe guys if you

don't know what 21 buttons is it's an

app we can get outfit inspiration from

like celebrities or even just your

friends if you see an outfit you like

you can click on the little button which

will have a direct link to their website

so you can

that's it and if you don't a bite yet

you can click on the little button and

put see details to add to your wardrobe

to buy later or it's just has it as an

inspiration one of the best things about

this app is that if somebody buys one of

your outfits you get percentage of that

money and you're actually earning real

money that you can take and put into

your bank account

another thing that happens is if you

follow like idols that you like you can

get exclusive photos that they might not

post on any other social media and

you'll know exactly where their outfits

from so guys make sure to download 21

buttons the link will be in the

description below and make sure you

follow me the link will be script from

below as well ok so this is my little

wardrobe of some stuff that I want and

there's a few there's another one that I

have that's just like inspiration ideas

I really like this little tracksuit it's

like a nude kind of color so dad Casey

says can you please find me this

tracksuit it's what you get pocket money

for yeah but not I could lend you some

pocket money hey guys who's your mum

Scott thanks thank you yeah I haven't

bought you anything to be fair I thought

was gonna do a whole day of shopping

thing it I would like to get in the car

and drive that's a good format to

importance because as well if you like

see it on the models in like chops it

doesn't always look when you get it but

then like on tone your buttons you see

it actually on a roller yeah that's not

so weird you see yeah I know what you

mean yeah it's not on a model yeah I

think I should start 21 buttons account

no no no no one outfit on there

how do you know sexy bothers black

t-shirt and zero money that's it no hat

today now hat today you know I'm getting

a little peckish I feel like mmm maybe

some crepes

oh yeah you can order some nice waffles

and crap or we could make a sandwich

have no roots so I don't know if to get


and it's not not a Lebanon unfit as out

of caramel I wanna crap whoa whoa whoa

whoa this is Casey says so Casey is

gonna choose all your orders why

everything concrete is nice though oh

you guys dvdfab we'll see what

everybody's getting when it turns up and

I'm not going to tell any of you what

I'm getting you Eva I just have to wait

until it turns up can anyone guess where

Chloe is yep that's right she is napping

again so I just finished ordering all

the surprise meals I just got a

notification from over 47 pounds on

pancakes are you serious that's a lot of

folks yeah why wait for that my back

hurt you know Casey says that go get me

a chair so mom can give me a back

massage so if you can give me a little

shoulder up and Grecia my foot massage

and you can be my sister Wow that'd make

the most of it ah my little firown' okay

Casey said your mom knows never gives

back much hi Ange I would use a million

see a happy night grace you can give me

a little foot massage first oh well good

suggestions oh is that too high for you

Casey Casey sit happy nose

otherwise you'll be punished feed me

some grapes I see over just love the





now my new song Casey says that has to

go up sighs I'm very good

I see you living the ratch se we've got

neighbors Thursday mom yeah you're going

to join him in this hey girl says look

where that nothing John so good oh yeah

I make my hair cool to just get retiring

Casey Jess come on too small too easy

that's gonna go on you as well stop



brush your teeth boys she's into me boy

be funny whoa

great Casey says take bunny remove

wearing this watch - very nice a pretty

dress isn't it sexy pic dogs poop in

rice paddies honey go just right we're

gonna look fabulous

I know let's not look look let's just go

in the garden

I feel embarrassed

great the cars looking at leave right

why are we ducking my friends where she

put your school friend died really make

a run for the food is here okay so this

is mine hey what fool would know Taylor

and I since put bananas and take my nuts

off but again but around this one

Sophie's which is that strawberries and

whipped cream is some sugary sauce

that's nice

step braces and mum oh my goodness what

is that what is that why does everyone

else's look like that and mind looks

like that

well I saw always made it in the garden

in panco goodness it's delicious Sophie

sure please tell me that Rollins's looks

like mine if owners got a good one

nicely I'm leaving this house we've got

you like but not fee that's a good one

yeah seriously why did mommy get the

caramel with banana okay boys are the

Kapus what is these juicy little suppers

oh I like them on my pizza is it nice

oh don't be sick don't be silly oh

thanks quietly that bad Oh baby I know

why would this even be on the menu

that's fine

I can carry no more phone and I think

I'll find about Casey says you lot how

to form a talent contest and I'm gonna

judge who wins well I don't have any

talents I think I love you but we can't

be together okay okay she dies oh I'm

gonna kill myself

because I miss you so much the great

magician for my next trick I will be

doing another disappearing act but

you're gonna need to focus down here all

the way down here I'm gonna make my toes

disappear in three two one

biome look at us



hey again hey you missed a ready toes be

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