How can you return to sports quickly after a sprained ankle?

if you've sprained your ankle I want to

tell you how you can get back to sports

as soon as possible I'm dr. David

orthopedic surgeon and sports medicine

expert the sprained ankle or an ankle

sprain is the most common injury if you

look at studies of all kinds of sports

soccer football basketball and I'm sure

a number of others it's so common I'd be

surprised if you play a sport if you

haven't done it at some point where you

basically land awkwardly and roll your

foot or invert your foot or maybe you're

you're running and you step on

somebody's foot or you step in sort of a

hole and you you rolling your ankle and

you injure how can you get back to

sports as soon as possible we're gonna

talk about that in today's ask dr. Gier


Madison asks I sprained my ankle I need

to play soccer I live for it what should

I do

well I mean I think this echoes the

sentiments of everybody out there maybe

you as well I'll tell you we all know

the rice the rest ice compression

elevation all helpful to decrease pain

and decrease decrease swelling in the

first couple days but here's what we

used to do with our pro athletes and I

think you'll find at the college level

in the professional level they do this

all the time so I think it's probably

something worth thinking about as well

and that's to do a little bit of work

with a physical therapist if you're in a

team sport like in a high school maybe

you have an athletic trainer that can do

this as well but if you have access to a

physical therapist that can be really

helpful yes they're gonna do things like

ice to get the swelling down they're

gonna do strengthening exercises they're

gonna do motion exercises to get your

ankle motion better but a lot of times

what you lose after an ankle sprain that

makes it hard to get back to play in the

first couple weeks is what we call

proprioception it's sort of like balance

it's a joint position sense you know

know where your brain knowing where your

ankle is in space so that it all the

appropriate muscles fire and you can

land from a jump and the ankles in the

right position so you don't roll it

again and you can lose that after an

ankle sprain so they can you know the

physical therapist can do things like

the sliding boards or have you stand on

a wobble board on that injured ankle

while you do other things to rebuild

that balance

it's in that proprioception all of that

can be helpful obviously braces can be

helpful sometimes taping can be helpful

you know obviously the the rest and the

compression and all the things we talked

about but if you want to get back to

sports not just feel better and be able

to walk better but get back to the same

level of your sport at the level you

were before you got injured I think

physical therapy can get you faster than

just giving it time and doing some of

that other stuff not that any of that's

bad but consider working with a physical

therapist 2-3 times a week and doing the

exercises that they show you every day

you're not there I hope this was helpful

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