Is Dating An Older Man Weird? EXPLAINED

hey there Adam LaRoche a from sexy

confidence calm where I hope the 21st

century woman create a love life that

she absolutely loves in this video I'm

gonna answer a very simple yet very

frequently asked question which is is it

weird for a woman to date older men

keep watching e there ad stuff want to

come to the early bird special early

bird special you're so hot you're

melting my Timex

okay now that dude is creepy don't date

him but barring a situation where I'm

dressed as an old man hitting on you or

a really really old man is actually

hitting on you I do believe that women

should date an older guy with good

reason the first being if you're like

most women you're probably attracted to

older men

now many evolutionary psychologists

claim that the reason why you're

attracted old men is only for one thing

his resources but I don't buy that of

course there are some women who are

actual gold diggers but certainly the

vast majority of women are not

interested in older men for that I

believe that there's a lot more to this

attraction than just those resources

you're not a gold digger for wanting to

be with older men and I gotta say as a

guy in my 30s I'll tell you that guys in

the 30s 40s and even beyond have a lot

more to offer than a guy in his early

20s for example guys in their 20s

especially earlier 20s just have far

less direction than the guys in their

late 20s and certainly beyond I mean

I'll tell you from my personal

experience I pretty much swore off any

chance of being in a serious

relationship or even the thought of

marriage at all in my early 20s because

I knew that I had a lot more that want

to accomplish before getting there plus

I wanted to party I wanted to be

immature and have no real responsibility

and that's okay I think that everyone

should go through that period in their

life with no responsibilities including

women of course and then there comes a

time in a man's life when he has a job

that he enjoys he's comfortable with who

he is he's confident who he is and quite

frankly he's sick of dating around or

basically his hangovers are so bad that

the thought of going to another

nightclub makes him want to pass out

my own experience has just shown me that

women mature just much more quickly in

that area than men which would naturally

draw them to older men who are just on

equal maturity levels an older guy who's

actually dating getting out there.we

much more likely to want to settle down

to be monogamous to start a family than

a much younger guy who's still in that

party mode now can I give you an exact

equation about how old you should go

from your age any man under 80 - no

there's no rule you just need to use

your own judgment and instead of judging

a man based on how old he is really

focus on his maturity level what he

really brings to the table age is just a

number get to know him a little bit and

you can then really judge whether or not

you're at the same level in life do you

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