Age isn't the only reason why hair starts to go gray


can go gray for several different

reasons but really the main primary

reason is genetics a lot of it depends

on what age your parents went gray now

if you look at the normal age when

people start to grow gray some of that

depends on your ethnic background so for

example people who are Caucasian tend to

go gray in their mid-thirties people who

are Asian tend to grow gray considered a

late 30s and then people who are

african-american they tend to go gray

maybe in their early to mid 40s there

are other factors one of the factors

that we talked about is smoking so

people who are smokers definitely have a

higher risk of turning gray at an

earlier age and there has been studies

that have linked things that cause

stress to our body to lead to premature

greying and some of those conditions are

things like pollution emotional stress

even ultraviolet light has been linked

to it and then there are some medical

conditions that have been linked to

early graying of the hair and one of

those is changes in thyroid levels so

they've also had studies that have shown

that people who have a vitamin b12

deficiency also seem to go gray in an

earlier age and then one other factor I

should mention is that certain

medications can lead to premature

graying and these are not commonly used

medications but some of the medications

they use for chemotherapy or for

treating inflammatory diseases

some of those medications have been

linked to premature graying of the hair

at this point in time we have not

developed any definite treatments so

there's actually not a shampoo or a

medication by mouth or even an

injectable medication that really seems

to be able to turn that around

so the answer is no unfortunately at

this point in time we don't have a

medication that can help treat that

interestingly enough there is research

being done into that that's sort of a

common folk tale that's out there there

has not been any evidence shown that

pulling one out leads to more gray hair

so at this point in time we actually

recommend if you just have a few gray

hair plucking those gray hairs is

actually a fine way of dealing with it

although I would caution you if you're

going to pluck gray hair you don't want

to color your hair right afterwards and

the reason for that is I see a lot of

people who develop allergic reactions to

hair dye and so you never want to color

your hair if you damaged your scalp in

any way