The Difference Between Mass and Weight


What is the difference

between mass and weight? I think it's something that a lot of people are

confused about.

They just think that anything that's big like this car

has a lot of weight, is very heavy

it's gotta lot of mass and people just basically think of these ideas

as all the same. But there's an important distinction between the terms

mass and weight. Mass at first is the amount of

matter in an object whereas weight is a force.

It's the gravitational attraction that the object feels

towards in this case the Earth's center. So got a little experiment

today where I brought my car at here and ask some people.

Why is it difficult to push my car? And my bet is the answer will be because the car is heavy. (no duh)

Because it's heavy. Because it's too heavy. (we get it, your car is heavy.)

A big rock you would think would be


It's too heavy.

It's been lighter than I thought. It is because its weight.

Weight is responsible. What is weight? Weight is mass in a gravity.

What it this gravity thing?

Gravity is what keeps ...

*talking indecisively*

Your car is pulled towards at the center

of the earth

yes. But now when you push it, as in pushing your car, you are not pushing it up.

Do you know what I mean? But it's still hard to push. Yeah

So do you think weight is responsible for making it hard to push?

But I'm not trying to lift the car and I'm just trying to push it

A big rock you would think would be heavy. Anything that is big

we think it would be heavy but I'm not lifting it on pushing so it's also gravity

but this is my question right? but I'm not trying to lift it

No, thats true. But it's still hard to push.

So why is that? because like if I lift it, I understand

you are saying it's heavy and it'd be really hard but we're pushing it actually

getting it to go

So how does that work. The answer is

because the car has inertia. Inertia means

that objects with mass have a tendency to resist

changes in their motion. And I thought she had a great answer when I started

which was inertia

Can you tell us about that? What's inertia? It's just like once something stops

it doesn't really wanna go unless something is going. It doesn't mind and would stop.

The idea that I'm trying to get is actually is that it's these are actually two different things.

Right? One thing is that there's a force pulling a stand into the earth

and that's what we call weight and that makes it impossible to lift

but there's something else which is called inertia and that mean something

is difficult to

change its motion because got a lot of inertia

and that's why it's difficult to push which is different than when it's difficult

to lift.

Which is the weight force pulling it down towards here

Fair enough but it's actually not as difficult to push. It's not that hard

yeah I know it doesn't prove my point (Subtitles by Jimena)