Uncontrolled Love & Lust / Episode 3 / Policeman caught his wife's illicit relation / Sonam Arora

The flight got delayed for 4-5 hours..

so I thoight to come to you.

Oh, okay!

You are looking pale.

What happend?

Everything was fine in the morning.

No, no, nothing is wrong with my face.

I am fine...

Has anyone come by?


Nobody has come by.


Oh, the cigarette!


Rajeev, nowadays, I take too much stress.

That's why I took a drag.

I took a drag before you arrived.


Why do you stress so much..

that you need these things to relax?

I mean now, you started smoking..

and in a few days, you'll start drinking.

Do you think..

these things will help you with your loneliness?

Rajeev, this was a one-off.

I won't smoke again.

I told you that..

your sister's wedding will take place in a few days,

so talk to your mom and go there in advance.

Yes, I think I'll leave tomorrow.

You'll fall ill like this.

You'll be weak.

Take care of yourself.


Oh! Where are you going?

I am going to my room. What happened?

No, I mean...

You might want to freshen up,

so the washroom is upstairs.

But why would I want to freshen up?

I am fresh. I took a shower before I left.


I'll leave in a short while. Let's sit and talk.

Okay. No... Okay...

Rajeev, let's sit on the couch and talk.

Are you fine?

You are acting weird.

What happened? Are you hiding anything?

What would I hide?

This is unbelievable.

I am a police officer.

I can see everything.

What are you hiding from me?


How did it come here?

I don't know.

Maybe a cat brought it here. Or maybe the wind.

I don't know.

You kept the window open!

Yes, for a short period. But it's close now.

How did it come out of our bedroom?

It's strange.


Are you making your house a crime scene?

Everything is in its place.


I think the cat is still in our house.

We have to find it.

I'll find it.

Don't worry about it.

You always start investigating.

Why don't you take your time out for me?


That's why I am here.

The flight got delayed for 4-5 hours.

So, I thought to see you.


Believe me.

I always think about you,

How you spend your time,

whether you look after yourself or not,

Have you eaten or not.

I keep thinking about these things.

You know,

Sometimes I feel scared.

I feel that..

what would happen...

if someone breaks into our house..

with wrong intention when you are alone?

It makes me feel scared.

Am I right?

You have found a great solution to your lonliness.

Looking handsome!

I don't know him.

You don't know him!


That means there is someone else whom you know.

Rajeev, trust me.

I don't know him. I just saw him...

Hey! Rajeev, no!

I'll tell you everything. Please put your gun inside.

I'll tell you everything. Please calm down.

Yes, sir... Sir, it's not what you think.

Rajeev, your anger is justified.

But please listen to me.

I am not telling lies. trust me.

Just calm down...


Why did you kill him?

What was his fault?

You should have listened to me.

Why do you care?

You don't even know him.

You were hiding it from me, right?



No, Rajeev!


Rajeev, what are you doing?

You may think whatever you want.

You may say whatever you want.

I am not saying anything.

I am doing it.

Why are you doing this?

Why am I doing this?

Or why did you do this?

I didn't do anything.

You are mistaken.

At least give me a chance to explain.

Let's say you are telling the truth.

Your stress, your loneliness,

All are true.

I can't see you suffer like this.

That's why I am getting rid of it.


I am not lonely.

I have no stress.

I am always happy for you.

I really love you.

If I hadn't done it,

he would have killed you.


this bastard would have killed you.

Who holds his wife at gunpoint?



Madhu. No, Madhu,

Madhu... I did this for you.

Don't cry Madhu.

Madhu, listen to me.

Look, I am with you.

Now, we'll be together forever.

Now... Now, nobody is between us.

Madhu, he didn't deserve you.

He didn't love you.

Had he loved you, he wouldn't have beaten you.

I love you.

I couldn't see you die.

Trust me.

Just calm down.

Now, we'll live together forever.

We'll live together forever, Madhu.

Don't worry at all.

We'll live together and build a new home.

Am I right?

Hmm! Madhu!




The End.