How Far Will a 9mm Kill?

welcome back everybody this is Eric and

Chad here from all spawn and gun today

we are going to show you guys how far a

9-millimeter will indeed kill you

probably remember our older video

entitled how far will a 22 kill where we

prove that a 22 will kill out two very

very long distances we're going to do

the same thing with a 9-millimeter

because generally a lot of people are

real macho when it comes to caliber

choice and we're going to show them that

a 9-millimeter is pretty deadly we're

gonna shoot it at 50 100 200 and

probably about 4 or 140 yards when they

said and done so tell about the standard

Chad real quick well if you remember the

old video how far below 22 kill that

Erica Barry did a number of years ago

they used a 1/2 inch pine baffle board

with specially just a solid pine board

1/2 inch thick and that was kind of the

old standard as far as you know lafalot

e of a given round well this is actually

a piece of 3/4 inch plywood which is 5

ply so it's slightly stronger in design

than just a solid pine board so if a

9-millimeter will get through this

you know then it pretty much get through

anything we're also gonna shoot

ballistic shell out before 40 as well so

let's get started let's get started

let's do it all right guys we backed up

to 50 yards gonna take a few shots at

the board here and see what happens

let's do one more

all right let's good then arrange to see

the damage all right guys Chadd shots at

50 yards they're out of the cz that was

124 grain federal ball ammunition that's

one thing that we did not mention all of

the rounds penetrated and the nice thing

about it is this backing has the 2x4

against it it's pine and it actually

went all the way through that as well so

you can see that at 50 yards

nine millimeter has no problem

penetrating just about anything it wants

to of course we knew that we're gonna

back off 200 see if our results vary

inning alright guys now we're gonna take

a few shots from 100 yards see what

happens little low

all right there's one they put a few

more shots on there just to make sure we

got some on the target it's to the right

Chad yep good shot there got at least a

couple on there good take a look all

right guys we got a strike here at a

hundred yards okay another one at a

hundred yards now it looks like Chad

actually hit the board several more

times than what he gives himself credit

for but I think it's just because it

wouldn't hit then going back there

that's fine we just put the Gong back

there to give us an idea but we can see

that here where this 100-yard shot came

out of that pistol barrel there and

that's a five and a half inch barrel by

the way on that 75 it actually

penetrated all the way through the

two-by-four and the three-quarter inch

sheet of plywood as well it's 100 yards

there so we got 100 100 100 and 100

that's four shots we're gonna pony up

back up to 200 we'll try it with the

pistol if we can't connect with the

pistol we're gonna break out the Celtx

up mm what's do it alright guys we've

worked our way back to 200 yards five

and a half inch barrel 124 grain ball

ammo from federal we'll see if we can

penetrate our baffle board there let's

see if we can hit it first of all all

right here we go oh I see it

oh just to the right I see it that's a

pretty good little tick I think I heard

some pretty dull flaks down there let's

go have a look alright guys I must have

got really really lucky with the pistol

there because I had two shots land just

about right on top of each other of


not back to back but I was lobbing them

in and they were kind of going all over

the place and they were hitting

relatively low and I think just the arc

of the projectiles that was coming in it

just didn't really give us that ring it

may not have hit the plate at all but

there's two shots from the cz at 200

yards all right and those punched right

through no problem the exit holes look

exactly like the other ones and we found

that one round hit low on the 2x4 here

so that's a solid pine 2x4 and at 200


it blew right through it like it wasn't

even there so what we're gonna do now is

we're gonna get some ballistics gel

torsos and we're going to take our

baffle rig and put it up at the 440 mark

and we're gonna break out the kel-tec

sub mm and shoot both in ballistics gel

and against the board hopefully if we

can connect I'd like to try a couple of

spear gold dots and see if those things

will expand in ballistics gel at 440

yards it's going back off and do that

now all right guys we're here at 440

yards we've got a kill take sub mm I

insights I know what you're thinking but

we're gonna try all right I'm gonna walk

it in on the steel we're gonna shoot our

baffle and I've got a ballistics-gel

torso down there that we use from the

body armor test and we're gonna see what

all of this ammunition will do to those

various targets at these distances here

we go

I got a spotter you can see if we can't

get on top

sites on this little jewel here this

thing shoots pretty dang good you ready

oh you're just low here you're hitting

at the bottom of the plate alright well

guys I think I know just about where my

dope is after getting those few shots on

the steel we're gonna make some slight

adjustments to my point of aim and we're

going to try to hit the baffle board and

the torso I don't think it'll be too

hard guys let's go ahead and get on it

here I got a couple of rounds left you

can really hear that that round hits

with a lot of authority on that steel


even at 440 here so let's go for the

baffle board this should not be too hard


yep yeah I did it you hear it yeah you

got it yeah here it's smacking it oh

yeah it's going through all right hang

on little high one more okay I'm gonna

go for a ballistic Bob you ready yeah do


I hit the board under it here it yep oh

that sounded like it just under him hang


almost got it guys bear with me wow man

that little kel-tec just really loves

them in there if you know what you're

doing behind one I think we got several

hits on the the baffle board to the left

you can really hear I'm not sure how

well we can hear in the video but

there's very distinct sounds at each

target hits and I heard one when we shot

at the torso it almost sounded kind of

like us a plop like a smack so we might

have hit our torso once we're gonna go

have a look and we'll see what we can

get done here alright guys so how far

will a 9 millimeter kill I want about to

tell you probably further than you can

shoot it accurately out of a rifle or

pistol all right right here we've got

several strikes on the board this was at

440 yards okay

440 yards right there all right 440

yards now on these strikes right here to

the side they actually penetrated the

board and the 2x4 that punched a clean

hole all the way through and they don't

look any different than the rest of the

holes so that tells you that the round

certainly has some penetrating

capabilities now something that we're

going to do in the future video is we're

going to shoot some hollow-point

expanding ammunition at this distance to

see what we can expect now I shot our

ballistics-gel torso over here this is

pretty interesting so with our

ballistics-gel torso we got two solid

hits right here you can actually see if

you look close there's some jacket

splashes from where like you know the

hip low or on the ground and the jacket

splash is actually impacted the dummy

but right here you can see the ball

round penetrated right on through okay

so there's there's one and there's two

and that nine-millimeter ball round 124

grain out of a 16-inch barrel kel-tec

sep 2001 sights went all the way through

the ballistics tour so about nine give

or take nine inches worth of ballistics

Joe this is something I think that we

should look at further we're certainly

going to revisit the subject but we

appreciate you watching today now you

know that a nine-millimeter is nothing

to play around with proofs in the

pudding guys they're deadly don't don't

push them over it's just a pee on

defense caliber because 9-millimeter

with proper shot placement and with

proper bullet selection certainly going

to get the job done thanks for watching