Officers Use Deer Decoy to Stop Illegal Hunting | North Woods Law

you remove this muscle man yeah

35 miles west in Antrim lieutenant bill

Boudreaux and Officer Eric Hannon

continue their patrol on opening day of

rifle season


ready we've gotten a bunch of complaints

of road hunting going on in this area so

we're gonna set up the decoy and see

what we can get into with that yeah this

is always the hard part getting out

there now being seen I hate this part is

that big enough window in front of that

thing no no I don't feel good see it

down here I bet they will it's pretty

old point in this grass

okay but against that rock with the rock

is the background I got the deer decoy

is just a robotic deer that we put out

it's a tool that we use to combat Road

hunting and poaching I'm not good in

anything seriously

it's moving but hung up on something

that's a little tail a leg yeah okay

tail yeah yeah hurry up


all right road hunting it's prevalent

the concern that I have with it it's not

safe you know by then seeing in the

earth in a field rolling up and shooting

it from the road they don't really know

what's beyond their target they don't

know if there's a house back there they

don't know if somebody else is out there

doing it the right way it's a safety



it's a good spot right here good hiding

you can see the beer

you have to separate because want to be

able to see them coming from both sides

Eric and I are not gonna be very close

to each other so we're not gonna be able

to talk to each other so that makes it a

little difficult but it looks like a

pretty good spot and I think we'll have

some activity here the web has been spun

we're just waiting for flies to get




I thought he saw it we've had a bunch of

hunting rigs go by and no one's know to

say yeah you gotta be looking to pick

that up from down here you can't see it

at all I like up top because it sticks

out better go run it out there go hate

you give me a holler if someone's coming

right there oh good


her car we're busted he sees us always


working the decoy it's always a concern

that you're gonna get seen so you gotta

always be paying attention to the cars

coming or you know what noise is you're

hearing so it makes it makes it a little

tricky we moved into a different spot

you still have to be looking for it but

it's a little more obvious than where we

had it okay I'm ready I'm ready for

action it's got a pretty long day

already hopefully we can get some people

come along and catch them doing or don't

see me go back today

oh sheesh



see we stop


as you know she was in Shu

Fisher dive fish you're gay put the gun

down step out of the vehicle step out

step out put it in park step out step

out I'm getting more guns on you come

over here you do I have this little

touch it that's okay

hi do me a favor get your vehicle off

the road here so we can do let's traffic

come through sorry that's okay

alright or anything we're gonna have you

do is get in the truck and there's a

pull-off we'll borrow way down there's

pull in there okay


bill let me drop that or what probably

hold that I'm gonna run out there do you

have your hunting license with you

well like I said you're not gonna get

arrested it's not the end of the world

but I know this guy's very apologetic I

think he feels very bad about what he's

done I can't even write this my hands

are too cold I can't even write somehow

my hands are really warm you are the

best thank you

we're not gonna see you again we're

looking I'll let you drive away with

this okay sir I don't know why I did I

couldn't resist this is exactly the

activity that we're out here trying to

curb the hunters sometimes they get

tunnel vision they get so amped up and

so excited about getting that big buck

that they do things that aren't safe

they do things that aren't ethical all

right you getting two summonses one for

having a loaded firearm the

motor-vehicle one from discharging from

the class one through five yep that's

loaded in the car then you shot from the

road essentially okay so with this you

don't have to appear in court doesn't

affect your driver's license as long as

you take care of them it's going to yeah

as soon as you pay the fine essentially

a license would be on the suspension

okay for a year hopefully this will

cause him to think about what he's doing

and to to be more safe in the future can

I shake your hand sure thank you very

much we appreciate its cooperation okay

all right I thank you

pretty good day yeah that's far this is

turning into a pretty good opening day

here pretty productive one o'clock we've

got a night hunter now a guy shooting

out the window at the decoy and that is

a first yes guy pulls up with doughnuts

and copies for the doughnuts of their

dog while we're working a decoy

oh that's awesome that guy's great