Drivers cross the double yellow line and get caught

see yellow lines across the street there

yeah what those mean me if I ever think

it means wo line you can't cross them so

why are so many people crossing them why

cuz they want to get to the other side

of the street you see there's a Circle K

gas station at the corner of East union

Hills Drive and North Tatum Boulevard in

Phoenix also on North Tatum there are

two sets of double yellow lines they

represent an island or an invisible

barrier so see those yellow lines across

the street over there yeah what do those

mean you'll cross them okay

she knows what they mean yet here she is

crossing the two sets of double yellow

lines why'd you just cross them well

there was no traffic coming I checked

the Arizona statue to see if there are

any exceptions for a no traffic coming

but if it says don't cross them doesn't

mean don't cross them little traffic's

coming all right just don't cross okay I

think I'm getting through to her but

I'll check back so I just how you come

across that light over there don't

yellow lines what does that mean

those two yellow lines you cross over

there what does that mean that's

supposed to cross would you do cross but

why'd you cross them I had to come to

the store why not just go around they

come around there as part of my way this

is what a motor officer might call a

fishing hole with a fish literally jump

out the water and they can end up with

tickets and point on that driving record

oh wait that lady we people going into a

driveway or get going to the other Lane

you can do with no two sets of double

yellow lines you don't cross ever they

don't know what it means in that part of

the rules of driving you certainly is we

all should know that hey I'm just trying

to save you $300 and worse a crash I

miss babe and Phoenix stanley roberts

for arizona's film