hey everyone what's going on jeff here

from films at home and

i hate to say i told you so when it

comes to disney

but i told you so

hey everyone so thanks for coming back

to the channel for this video

and in this video i'm going to talk

about some recent news

that just came down yesterday regarding


and how they're approaching

entertainment going forward

and how this is going to affect both

movie theaters in a big way

and physical media so let's just jump

right into it and talk about this news

and so it came out yesterday

in a few interviews that um disney was

doing and a news release that

immediately as of yesterday they are


a reorganization of the company

and their focus is going to be primarily

on streaming so they have committed to

creating as much content as they can for

disney plus for hulu

for their espn streaming platforms

they're going towards

streaming completely they've reorganized


entire company to shift people around

and with everything they're saying

investors are very happy their stock is

on its way up because of this news

and so overall it feels like they are

doing exactly what i said they would do

a few months ago

and a few months back i talked about how

disney's going to try to kill physical

media they're going to try to kill that


i didn't think movie theaters would also

be part of that plan but it appears they

are now too

so if you're a movie lover disney at

this point is going to kill your movie

theater experience

and probably kill your physical media at

home experience

now the news a few months ago was

reported by me it was reported by

bill hunt over the digital bits and

honestly i know a lot of you guys did

believe it but

a lot of people didn't believe it uh

forbes was one place that reported said

no way disney's not gonna do anything


they're still focusing on back catalog

titles for physical media

they're not gonna go just to streaming

and then we get this news yesterday and

it's like

yeah what did i tell you this has been

in the works for some time

and disney's going to focus on streaming

you're going to see

more 4k transfers of back catalog titles

that go straight to disney plus that

never see 4k blu-ray

because they're cutting out the

middleman they don't want to sell this


to best buy to walmart to amazon who

they don't even work with at this point


they just want to be direct to consumer

which is the way a lot of businesses are


now being direct to consumer means that

you're either going to buy a 4k disk

from disney

and it's going to be or even a blu-ray

disc and it'll be some sort of the

disney movie club and if you're not a

member of that you don't get it

but i definitely don't see them shipping

out 25 30

discs to target eating 10 up front for

targets cut and then getting back five

to ten dollars per disc after profits

they're just not going to do it they're

going to put it on disney plus and

they're not going to worry about

physical now i've been overlaying some

quotes and things from the articles this

is all over the internet cnbc

cnn indie wire all kinds of media

outlets in the movie industry

they're all picking this up so it really

is you know my contact at disney who

told me this months ago

was spot on there is no plans right now

for disney to focus on physical media

there's no plans for them to focus on

the fox back catalog

in fact if you picked up hocus pocus and

home alone

those are probably two of the last back

catalog titles you'll see on 4k

for disney there are absolutely none in

the works right now for the fox catalog

there's not a single 4k disc in the

works you'll probably see 4k

streaming transfers which as we know

from disney plus

are not that great they're no better

than any other streaming platform and

compared to a 4k

disc they're kind of a joke but that's

what we're gonna get going forward and

this has been in the works really since

disney got fox

they laid off a bunch of people earlier

this year when covid hit

they laid off a lot of people who are

working in the home entertainment

department working on these transfers

and working on physical media

and my contact has actually since

taken off because there was you know

there's no future there at disney

anymore and he's gone on to pursue other


so it just goes to show how there's a

huge lack of

any support for physical media at disney


obviously includes major properties

because the thing you have to remember

is when i say disney

uh that means disney that means fox that

means marvel studios that means

lucasfilm that means

abc tv and all their programming that

means espn and their programming

it means a lot of different things that

disney owns it includes fox searchlight

includes touchstone and their big back

catalog it includes all those things

under the disney banner that this

affects and so you're not just saying oh


you know disney pixar uh i'm not gonna

get a 4k transfer of my favorite

animated movie now on 4k blu-ray

well sure but you might not get any of

the fox movies or any of those

touchstone movies

anything from marvel maybe stopped on 4k

blu-ray although

i bet those keep going but it's those

back catalog

titles that i'm worried about you're not

going to see any come to 4k

on physical disney has focused on

streaming so now what does this mean for

movie theaters this is where the biggest

hit's going to come and i've talked


the death of movie theaters and people

tell me you're exaggerating

it's not going to happen it's not going

to happen and if we look at this

announcement by disney

they are going around the movie theater


they're putting their big pixar movie

for the year called soul

that's going straight to disney plus and

with this announcement they have said

we're focused on direct

to consumer streaming and entertainment

that means movie theaters are cut out

that means disney is putting

the new marvel movie on disney plus for

thirty dollars like they did with mulan

that means they're putting the latest

pixar movie on disney plus

for thirty dollars that's how you're

going to consume

disney pixar star wars marvel you name


that's how you're consuming their movies

going forward according to this news

and what disney is saying about their uh

reorganization and their company's


now we'll see there can always be

backlash decisions could be overturned


this is a really striking sign about the

way that the industry is changing since

march since kovid you know disney says

this is not just because of kovid that

this has been in the works for some time

but kovid certainly accelerated it

and then they see the success of mulan

they see the success of the disney plus

streaming platform

and i think they just got dollar bags

and money signs in their eyes and they


what are we losing 20 or 30 percent even

to movie theaters for

when we can make the big bucks right on

disney plus and do just fine

not lose a cut get to spend less on

marketing and advertising to all these

different theater chains and just put it

all on disney plus and collect the


plus that 30 fee so this is a really

really you know

it's an interesting trend and it's

definitely gonna change the way we


movies uh obviously the movie theater

experiment here in the last few months

has failed

tenet in my opinion was a huge failure

to bring people back to the theaters

um just the other day actually there was

an interesting tweet from stephen king

who obviously loves going to movie

theaters loves seeing horror movies

he tweeted and he said this was one of

the saddest experiences of his life he

went to the movie theater last week

socially distanced there were four

people in the entire theater on a

saturday night

that's the way things are trending

that's the way things are going those

theaters would typically be packed on a

friday or saturday

you've now got four people there because

there's nothing to watch

people don't want to go to the movie

theaters right now and the experience

has gotten more expensive so i really

can't blame

people and blame companies for making

these decisions

but you're going to see a drastic change

in how movies are distributed

and then that's going to affect physical

media back catalogs

now i want to say i don't think this

affects any disney stuff going forward

or fox stuff

um whatever comes out under those labels

will likely come to 4k

blu-ray the new mutants has already been

announced for 4k blu-ray

um that's going to get a 4k release but

you know even that could be up for

debate where

maybe pixar movies only get a blu-ray

release and not 4k

but i think you'll see the marvels in

the star wars because those are


uh items and collector franchises people

want to own those movies you'll see

those go to 4k

but it's that back catalog it's all


awesome titles in the fox vault it's all

those awesome titles from touchstone

and fox searchlight and all those movies

that are sitting there and a lot of them

begging for a 4k

release and they're not going to get one

because disney just doesn't have a

passion for the physical media

market they really don't have an

interest in it and they've made that

very clear with their latest

announcement so ultimately like sitting


what can we do not a whole lot you know

you can always tweet at disney

send them emails whatever but you know

is it going to make an impact

maybe maybe not my advice for everyone

out there who is a physical media

collector like myself

is to go get those disney movies and

especially go get those fox movies


i would not be surprised if you see some

sort of you know

digital vault oh the movies are going

back into the vault but

you can only get them on disney plus and

they'll never get a re-release on

blu-ray or 4k

i could totally see fox titles

touchstone fox searchlight

that kind of stuff going out of print

and not being put back into stock

because they're not going to spend money

on producing them

they're going to sell what stock is left

and that's going to be it so if i'm you

i would go out make sure you have at

least your favorite disney your favorite


titles make sure you have those in your

collection make sure you have them at

least on blu-ray if you can get them in

4k go for it but i would make sure you

lock those up into your collection so

when they get pulled off the shelves

you're not paying a hundred dollars for

them on ebay i would highly recommend

making a list and going out and finding

the ones you want you may be limited on

how much time you have before those

start disappearing off the shelves so

that's sort of it for this video i just

want to cover that news because it

touches on a few videos that i've made

recently about disney and physical media

about movie theaters and their future

this kind of just speaks to the way the

whole industry is moving

two years ago even a year ago six months

ago this news would have been shocking

but the more that we see how this virus

is affecting the world

and what's happening to these

entertainment companies

i think it's less and less shocking

every day and you may see others

following the same path

hopefully the warners and the universals

out there

and lionsgate and you know paramount and

all of them keep doing a great job with

physical media and consider that a core

part of their business

but i'm really afraid that disney's

setting an ugly precedent here and we

could start to see some of their stuff

just disappear off shelves but anyway

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um but yeah thank you for watching hope

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fingers crossed that this isn't the end

of the physical media and movie theaters

you know as we know it but

um unfortunately it could be so have a

great rest of your day

and i'll talk to you guys soon