"Hot Day" Havana Cuba Streets 2018




so actually I mean one of the barriers

it's called Concordia yeah lemme yeah

like this because of the Sun so this is

Concordia and I'm going to San Miguel

Danielle is further down why am I going

to San Miguel does the first place where

I landed in Cuba and where slept so I

slept in somewhere my first day


so actually you see the lady like who

she's wearing white so I've seen like

people wear white tee and Cuba and it's

because of their trademark and before we

are white because as this blind guy






so actually I'm showing you the real

Cuba like super real things which are

super super real here and hope you guys

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don't just be the only guy watching the

video I have a big camera here and

people looking at me


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Malak home is Malik home Malik on still

confusing Mimi