Losartan and Bananas Do you need to avoid certain foods

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talk about losartan and banana stew can

you eat high potassium foods do you have

to avoid certain foods when you're

taking the blood pressure medication

losartan does that have any effect on

the medicine first off as with all my

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provider so quickly what is losartan

losartan of course is a blood pressure

medicine it's used to lower blood

pressure it's in a group of medicines

known as ARBs or angiotensin receptor

blockers and it does have a potential

side effect of hyperkalemia or increased

potassium so that is why we often get

this question can I eat foods with

potassium when I am taking no certain

way and I found this study it answers

the question right there in the title

adequate intake of potassium does not

cause hyperkalemia in hypertensive

individuals taking medications that

antagonize renin-angiotensin-aldosterone

system so let's just we'll dig into that

just a little bit more and look at some

of the details here so the background

again we kind of touched on this was the

medicines can reduce the potassium

excreted from the body this study came

from the American Journal of Clinical

Nutrition October 2016 by arc and Flores

in Newton and Allard so these medicines

we know that they can increase potassium

in the body and they are known to

increase the risk of hyperkalemia so the

stuff purpose of the study was then to

assess the effect of dietary potassium

so bananas potatoes you know all those

foods that are higher in potassium do

those increase that risk of having high

potassium when you're taking an ARB this

would also include like ACE inhibitors

as well their theory was it would not

they were theory panned out they did a

try so it's a small trial it's just in

20 people with high blood pressure

no important thing here they had normal

kidney function so it's important to

keep that in mind they either got a

usual diet or they gave him a high

potassium diet they which they

abbreviated HKD fruits and vegetable

intake was increased to increase the

potassium and then they measured the

potassium levels of course in those

fours so the results the usual diet

there was no stew tip no statistical

statistically significant difference

from potassium excretion in taker serum

levels despite the increased potassium

intake in the high potassium group

potassium concentrations did not

significantly increase from baseline so

the conclusion was that increase in

dietary potassium over four-week period

is safe in high individuals with high

blood pressure who have normal kidney

function and who are receiving a

medication like losartan and ARB so one

of the important things to consider is

high potassium can be dangerous it can

lead to cardiac arrhythmias in extreme

cases even cardiac death and knowing

that these medications can increase

potassium it is important that one be

mindful about that and see their doctor

and get regular labs but dietary

potassium doesn't seem to increase that

risk it is estimated that up to 10% of

people treated with medicines that

affect potassium can develop hyper

Colima over time and obviously that

would be noted in a lab usually before

it got to the point where it's really

dangerous so go bananas it seems like

for most people who are otherwise

healthy other than the high blood

pressure it seems okay to have those in

a moderate amount in your diet of course

you want regular labs and checkups with

your doctor does seem like caution or

avoiding high potassium foods would be a

good idea for those with poor kidney

function if you have heart failure

diabetics can have reduced kidney

function and diabetics most of the time

can control their blood sugar a little

bit better if they avoid a lot of fruit

anyway like banana

you know vegetables have less of an

effect on their blood sugar and probably

a better option still have potassium in

it but if you're uncertain of course

you'd want to talk to your health care

provider and if you've had a history of

problems with hyperkalemia or high

potassium in the past you certainly

would want to talk to your health care

provider you may need to eat a diet

that's a little bit lower in potassium

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