Northern Rhode Island Snow Update

Sony we have live pinpoint weather team

coverage tonight as Tony mentioned

northern Rhode Island is going to be one

of the area's hardest hit when the

temperatures drop tonight and that's

where Eyewitness News reporter Nicole

estaphan is live in Cumberland with the

Blackstone Valley mobile newsroom well I

can tell you we keep talking about the

temperatures dropping and from standing

out here we can certainly feel that just

some light snow in the air this is

pretty much what we've seen all day the

roads have remained clear but here in

Cumberland it is picking up on the grass

in front of people's homes we did speak

with a lot of folks who are bracing

getting ready for that snowfall but they

said after the blizzard and a couple of

weekend's followed by snowfall enough's

enough a blizzard followed by a constant

stream of flake filled skies the winter

has not been shy of whites I lived in

Florida for 13 years so I'm not happy

with this at all I like winter but I

think I'm ready to for spring really

ready for spring almost everyone we

spoke with on Thursday tells us the

magic of winter is losing its luster

almost everyone I don't mind the snow I

have a landscaping company so we plow

during a winter so this works for me

despite winter's intent on holding on

even with the sun shining through one

thing is certain spring is stepping in I

had a little crocus when I could see the

grass I had a tiny little crocus so

we'll see we'll hope it'll happen it

does every year it certainly will happen

but not just yet as Tony mentioned we do

expect a significant amount of snowfall

for this area overnight we're live in

Cumberland with the mobile newsroom

Nicole estaphan Eyewitness News