Rare snow-falls across parts of South Africa

snowfalls are a rare where the

phenomenon in South Africa but the cold

and rain of the past few days have left

plenty of snow in some high lying areas

it's icy cold you're in series and

picture postcard beautiful this is the

best snow had in the last ten years it's

a lot it slowed down it's reachable with

normal vehicle it's to the Thai Road we

haven't seen this much snow there slowed

down since 2008 so we're very blessed

with all the snow for many year it's

come at the right time in the winter

school holiday bringing much-needed

water after a few devastatingly dry

seasons snow is very beautiful you don't

see it that often especially in Cape

Town and I mean we have much more people

like specially now it's school holidays

so the kids are having fun it's just a

winter wonderland and the best of all

has been the little ones seeing their

faces experiencing the snow for the

first time this is the first time we

have had this much much know since 2008

because of the awful drought what we had

but now it's over and I think we are

even giving to have some more rain as

well this is just the beginning of our

dams filling up I unfortunately we added

horrible the right and in the Lord bless

us with so much snow and so much water

and everything is just overflowing and

bringing life back to chi-town many

visitors traveled long distances to

catch a glimpse of the snow and it was

clear that young and old were equally in

all of mother nature's icy works of art

experiencing this this is just like this

is just like the most awesome feeling

and experiencing the spectacular view

that we have and this is like blessings

raining down on us just seeing how great

creation is and that it always comes

through for you it's really good to see

the snow for my first time and I'm just

happy that it's yeah locals say they

hope to enjoy the Speck

oculus site of the low-lying snow for

the next few days and snow-capped

mountains peaks for at least the next

few weeks

Ranade calm sea GTM in series near Cape

Town South Africa