my boy restart here bro what are you

what do you think about the winter Miami

like is it legit like what's your

opinion on it that's all you need say oh

let me let me be a habitat with your

fashion overwrite hey guys what's up

how's it going it's about 8:45 a.m. and

I gotta get to school really really soon

in today's vlog the main theme is gonna

be winter and my auntie videos not gonna

lie last night we got like a little cold

front and supposedly today it's really

cold for Miami standards and obviously

since Miami is a really really hot

tropical place the winter here in Miami

is also really really different compared

to any other place in the world so

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channel and enjoy this vlog on the

weather episode it was like a mid 60s

rangebut I don't really know what that

feels like because it barely gets cold

down here but yeah it's it's kind of

chilly it's like more cold than usual I

will say not gonna lie a little pool is

pretty warm pretty surprised about that

now this is my dilemma in Miami when it

comes to cold weather I really really

never know what to wear and that's

mainly because in the mornings it gets

like really really cold or like chilly

whatever you want to call it but then

eventually like as you go towards the

afternoon becomes really really hot


finally made it here to campus I still

got like 30 minutes on my classes start

let's go over my Miami winter style

selection so here we got one hoodies I

own this was $30 at a cross-country

state championship me then of course no

matter how cold or how hot it is I'm

always rockin out these $10 H&M shorts

and then my iconic iconic fossil

sunglasses that a lot of people really

like my boy reached out here bro what

are you what do you think about the

winter Miami like is it legit like

what's your opinion on it it's all you

need say oh let me let me be a habitat


Road would you say this is like the

coldest day you've had so far at UM for

show for sure and it's only like 65

degrees around there not bad it a rat

race yesterday nivel dick ever I'll see

you around

have a good Thanksgiving you guys heard

it from Reese all you really need is

like a sweater it would like a hoodie on

it like that

and honestly you're like good to go I

would say the only thing that is like

such a hassle that I really really hate

is that I guarantee you at like 1:00

p.m. around there it's gonna get really

really hot and I'm have to like take

this off which is just annoying and

being legit like I've never never ever

worn like a huge coat like in Miami just

cuz you don't need it I have one but

it's only like for travel purposes

jacket I only wear that like once a year

and then pants jeans or sweatpants

anything that's like considered like

long under under extremity clothing I

like only have like two pairs of jeans

but I never wear them cuz I just hate I

like hate pants like you guys have no

idea how much I just like can't stand

pants but that's why I will rock my $10

H&M sweat shorts all the time I'm with

Shana right here and uh Shana is

actually from Toronto and you guys

probably know and in Toronto it gets

really really cold they have like a

legit winter up there but babe tell me

what do you think about the Miami winter

I mean for Miami it's cold because I'm

not used to it down here

but yeah it's not cool to see a lot of

people here like Shana they come from

like really really cold places so they

come here to Miami then they like don't

experience a quote for a really long

time and then they have to go like to

back home to like New Jersey New York

like wherever it is up north and then

they just like hate it because they want

to be in Miami cuz it's like not that

cold here is that right Shana yeah a

little update it's still like it feels

cold but it also feels really it feels

warm and going at the same time but

anyways we got class right now

so let's do it all right just got out of

my first class and right now we got the

lucky temperature it is 69 degrees on

the dock but what that means is that the

temperatures only getting hotter

we pretty much went from like 60 to

around there in the morning now we're at

69 and honestly I wouldn't doubt if we

end this day on like a high 70 so we out

here about to get on the shuttle because

our teacher made us go to a place that's

like 15 minutes away from my first class

and honestly I'm too lazy to walk and I

don't have time to walk so I got to get

on this bus and hop onto my second class

got off the shuttle going to my second

class right now hopefully hopefully when

I get out it gets a little bit warmer

that's what we're hoping for just got

out of my second class and my last

thoughts of the day and like I told you

guys the temperature went up we're at

seventy threes but for some reason at

least for me it still feels really

really cold which is why I have my

little hoodie on that kind of like it

feels nice I would say my favorite thing

about having these cold winter Miami

days is that it's just like so nice to

have a change of temperature can sing

about it it's always like 80 degrees 90

degrees here so when you get like some

cold it just feels good you know put on

your sweater once a year it feels

amazing now of course there's a downside

about having cold weather I don't really

like it too much I'd rather have hot

weather all the time the good thing

though is that the cold only lasts like

in the mornings and then in the

afternoon he gets like really really hot

again alright guys so outside of

inside now and I think it's time to do

my favorite thing of the day just take

off the sweater take off the sweater I'm

gonna keep it that way like I said in

Miami you start the morning with the

sweater on as the day progresses you

just take it off because it's too hot

when it's really cold early on no matter

what the situation is you always always

got a we came back outside after a

successful lunch you could see right in

back of me even the Ducks got cold in

this Miami winter so it is really

important that they stay just you know

we did up back there they're not even

moving this chillin because they got to

stay warm but you guys doing your

fishing yeah where you set out you guys

got something earlier we've got a couple

like this big earlier we just threw them

back in now question do you think that

you know since it's colder in Miami you

think that affects the fishing situation

here yeah um no he's the fishing that's

where you got to ask it's a pro

fisherman right here

alright guys I will leave you to it have

fun fishing here enjoy it good luck not

gonna lie I see people fishing in the

lake like every once in a while you'll

got like one or two people not everyday

but whenever you see it it's like pretty

cool I don't really know how efficient

is to fish in a college Lake but hey it

might be fun for them we got some we got

some duck fighting going hunting here at

the U I don't know what's happening but

uh yeah they're fighting they're going

at it you really never know we're gonna

see it was really cold in Miami we saw

people fishing in a lake and we saw a

world star duck fight but today I would

call it a really short successful day I

got two of my classes done I had my

lunch and now it's just time to go back

home even though today was a really cold

day here in Miami hopefully tomorrow

we'll get back into the 80s because

that's usually how it goes you got

really cold days and then pretty much

everything else is this a hot day also

we got Thanksgiving coming up so if

you're celebrating that have a happy

Thanksgiving and enjoy it but that's

pretty much it for me if you guys

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