Going To The Christmas Winter Village Star Stable Online Horse Video Game

honey hartsey hello you guys and welcome

back to star stable I am really really

really excited because the Christmas

village is back in star stable so we are

gonna check it out right now I have been

waiting all year long for this to come

back I love it so so snow much no no

what are you doing what are you doing

well okay my horse is really excited to

go to the snow village too so we got all

of the little reindeer hanging out right

here and we're gonna talk to this little

Santa's helper

oh there's no winter winter that's the

problem wait a minute what do you mean

no winter you're right

welcome to the Christmas village yes

here we go we're flying through we're

flying through this is just so much fun

it's so much fun

and there was a lot to do in the winter

village this time ah here we are welcome

it's just as awesome as I remember look

at this whole entire big giant village

to check out and explore up really

excited I'm so excited okay we got all

the reindeer parked here they're getting

ready for Christmas we got all these

cute little snowman Oh apples I'm sure

my horse is gonna want one whoo look at

all these presents

oh there's one that says honey hearts in

here hold there's one for me okay no

peeking all right should we just slide

on down I think we should slide down

here we go into the Christmas village

okay this is so much fun all right we've

got a little guy here so here is

Christmas village and you can do so much

shopping I should probably do some

shopping since I don't have any tack or

anything on my horse so let's go over to

the very first shop ding they've got

Christmas sweaters galore I can buy a

nice new sweater it looks like it has a

little Santa on it I got the cozy

Christmas sweater all that one's really

cute well the snowman on it the one with

the star the penguin okay we got the

Christmas tree and the reindeer and

there's some new little holiday beanies

in here Corsa classic red and green

we've got this red one that's got like a

little cute Christmas design on the top

grey blue green with stars oh that's a

really good Christmas shop ooh I don't

know what I want to buy but I know I

want to buy something all right what do

we have at this one ooh they've got lots

of fancy new stuff look at all the new

new new new new hard they got this cute

little Christmas dress green hat a

little riding hat these new little

winter boots

really cool these little shiny gold

boots or brown Santa boots look at all

the beards

oh no beard you can grow a beard here

while you're in the snow village I love

the magenta one all right we got some

saddle pads for my horse oh this one

matches my outfit right now I should

totally get this one we've got these

little saddles really really nice

bridles leg wraps and the saddlebags so

I'm just gonna buy all of the new items

that they have in here might as well

right it's fancy like this whole outfit

is like so fancy for Crispus all right

so we'll get wait how much is it oh it's

really expensive all right let's get a

new bridle so this is the caramel and

cream bridle hey with star coins these

are incredibly expensive if you wanted

to buy it with your vic shillings you're

gonna be spending basically all of your

your vic shillings it's gonna be 10,000

all right so my horse has a new bridle

it's got this nice new saddle pad for

him it looks really good I love it with

the like the little fluffy on the edges

looks so cute and of course we'll get

the matching saddle that also has a

little bit of the fur on it little

saddlebag leg wraps all right so my

horse now has a whole brand-new set up

now I need some new stuff so we'll get

the hat look at that it's just so fancy

this would look so good in the dressage

arena all right we'll get the coat the

writing pants yes we got to get the

gloves too and I think the best part of

the outfit is probably these boots I

love these little boots they have like

the straps on them

all right that's everything that is new

oh but these little winter gloves look

really cute with it as well I'm gonna

need something to put in my saddlebag

too maybe I'll go over and get like a

cookie or something all right we have

more shopping over here the shopping

does not stop this is the holiday time

get a little something for yourself and

too bad you can't get something for a


you know stars table totally needs

trading in this game all right let's see

what do we have anything new here it

looks like we've got the same old good

stuff that they had last year

lots of festive clothing some pants oh

the skirt is really cute these Christmas

pants are adorable too lots of different

color beanies some cozy soft mittens

these ones are so cute soft grey mittens

I'm obsessed with mittens this year I

think all right we got all of these

boots including these random sneakers

that are here some accessories yeah I

think I'm gonna need these glasses

eventually too though I could afford any

of these

who should I buy them I love the big boy

those are so in the holiday spirit it

looks like big giant Christmas bulbs on

my face all right saddle pads are all

the same really nice saddles in here

of course the matching bridles and get a

cute little bow for your horse

oh and love the little mistletoe and

some leg wraps all right that shop was

pretty good I'm definitely gonna be

doing a ton a ton of shopping here all

right and one more shop to check out

we've got all of these items little

Santa coats

this must be Santa's like favorite shop

some little mittens some cute boots that

I never got a chance to pick up cute

pixie boots those are nice those are

only 450 torvik shillings really holiday

saddle pads holiday saddles bridles leg

wraps okay pretty cool all right so

there's tons of things to buy here in

the Christmas village there's Santa

let's go talk to Santa real quick he's

got a group of riders around him hey

Santa check out my new outfit Oh Santa's

so nice all right should we check out

the new Christmas horse which is

so-called the holiday horse that they

brought back I'm really excited is the

Icicle horse this horse is so cool you

guys if you do not own this horse you

need to get it he is also a color

changer and it looks like he has a big

giant icicle on his head and he's pretty

reasonably priced

he's 600 star coins so he is really

awesome do not miss out on him at all

got a bunch of reindeer over here we've

got the little reindeer shop too so you

can actually turn your horse into a

reindeer and then ride around on him if

you buy all of these magical reindeer

powders so there's three different

reindeer that you could ride on you can

ride on the red-nosed reindeer the white

reindeer or the gray reindeer I'm so

happy they brought that back Oh little

helper it's like they're getting all the

Christmas trees ready oh no some of them

have fallen over Oh No look at all this

look all these crates they've got all

the goodies and everything getting ready

for Christmas in here what's going on

with this guy looks like there's like a

mess around here help me okay someone

broke into our stock of the season's top

fashions and dumped them on the ground

like rejects at a sample sale please

help me oh no wonder it's a mess because

somebody actually came in and liked it

did some damage here okay well there's a

piece of clothing here pick that one up

here's a pair of pants on the ground

yeah just leave that down there another

pair of pants there's something over

here by the present a shirt and

another shirt all right there we go got

everything picked up for you thank you

looks like things are just a little wet

from this now what kind of monster would

treat a like that okay well at

least you got all your clothing back oh

he gave me a Santa hat no we can match

each other

cool thanks aloe guy welcome I'll check

out this girl she's actually writing one

of the reindeer isn't that so cool it's

so cool that you can actually ride a

reindeer she looks awesome so she got

the grey one right we can also search

around here let's see what do we have

over here we've got a little camp so if

your horse gets tired or it just gets

too cold outside

you actually just parks your horse right

here and you can enjoy the campfire Oh

get nice and toasty and warm then we've

got the frozen lake up here which this

lake is pretty frozen it's kind of like

a little frozen pond so if you jump on

it your horse will not fall through so

you're perfectly safe whoopsie just like

that but your horse will slip and slide

on it oh all right looks like we got

something up here and let's go check

this out little melted snowman it's just

kind of another place to hang out those

pillows look like a little presents oh

there's cookies I want the cookies I

want the cookies Oh yum yum yum they

look so good look at the way that

they're iced this snowman it's a little

candy cane horns all right here we are

at the frozen lake again it's pretty

frozen so you don't actually have to

worry about falling through got a little

helper out here hey can you help me get

the missing presents right the delivery

helper manage to lose several Christmas

presents are on the lake find him and

he'll give me three Christmas tokens

look at all these presents that he

dropped oh wait a minute there's like

you'll go get back here you you'll go

get him

got him oh there's another one come on

you'll go get back here get back here oh

it didn't let me click it did the

purpose wait it's coming right at me no

oh I'm just sliding around I'm sliding


of course the Yule goats will not make

this easy I feel like they made this

extra hard this year I don't remember it

being this hard okay grab it grab it

grab it come on come on come on look at

this he's like not even coming my way my

horse is just sliding all over the place

I'll never catch up I'll never catch up


okay got it no another one get back here

there it is straight ahead straight

ahead no straight ahead oh okay well let

me click it it was like lit up for a

second okay it will not let me click it

they're doing the on purpose they have

like a timer on these that you have to

like do it for so long I don't know

that's just my guess but they are pretty

cute to watch they are very naughty

little Yule goats okay got it

alright we got all the presents now we

have helped Santa's Little Helper

alright cool and he gave me some tokens

we should go check out the little token

shop and see what you get if you redeem

and cash in all of your tokens and I'm

probably gonna rent one of these cabins

so I can just stay here and hang out in

the winter village and I'll have to go

back to my home stable that way I can

kind of just stay in the winter village

all December long oh there's two little

helpers on the roof what are they doing

up there alright so here is the very

special cave let's ask this little guy

if I can go in hey do you mind if I go

in and check out some of the prizes

Jared go ahead wait a minute he's making

me find something search the winter

village for five a hidden santa hats

okay and then he'll give me some mystery

item okay and then I'll be able to go in

these little helpers seriously or like

extra naughty this year all right we've

got a Santa hat here oh wait there's one

right there but there's one right here

there we go there's the last one and a

little Santa helper just like pops out

of here what there we go this one

jumping around he's so happy

alright I found all of your friends

hiding under the Santa hats let's see

what this mystery item is he he got Jan

made you do some work huh we gave me

some Christmas tokens alright so now I

have a total of six Christmas tokens is

that okay if I go in go in where in here

can I go in oh sure if you want

hopefully an avalanche does it happen

wait what an avalanche hopefully that

doesn't happen oh that would be horrible

it would kind of be deadly because these

icicles would just come down on me

alright we'll just run in really quick

okay so these are all the things that

you can piece together look how cute it

is it's like all set up like a little

display each item costs a certain amount

of coins so this cost for Christmas

coins midnight elegance pants a hat is

fancy okay but here is the coat that

one's gonna cost 20 whish coins the Hat

this one is so fancy I've loved

why melons 10 the gloves are 14 those

boots oh I love the boots

anything with fur on it I am crazy I am

so 4 so 2 cost 12 wish coins now I've

got some items for your horse

midnight elegance saddle the matching

bridle look how small the horses are

getting so small they're just so tiny

well that's a really nice saddle pad

it's like a purpley pink the leg wraps

that go with it and the saddle bag and

then you can get some extra little

goodies you can get some reindeer magic

powder and even more accessories look at

those you can get like a little deer

mask or a black Santa beard alright so I

need to keep saving up all of my wish

coins of course which you can earn by

finding little helpers

out in about town so it says that

there's going to be five of them a

hidden in the snow every day oh wait

what's going on over here everything

okay with these cookies hi do you want a

cookie yes alright help me pick them up

and you can have one I mean I don't want

one that's been on the floor I'm gonna

used my broom and we'll just sweep these

up sad that these perfectly good cookies

have to go to waste maybe I'll take him

out into the forest and like the

squirrels and the raccoons can eat them

oh he's got a bunch of goodies over here

look at this there's candy canes apples

pumpkins these guys are just busy

working away they're making everything

oh this is gonna be so great I am so

gonna be hanging out here in the

Christmas village look at this he's got

warm bread cooking and fresh batch of

cookies okay I will definitely be back

to get a cookie thanks for helping

what's wrong with this little guy he's

got a little cone on his head careful

look out for all the avalanches things

have gotten terribly dangerous can you

help me pick up the branches but the

avalanche left behind we're just going

on with Christmas village the snow is

just so unpredictable this year all

right we'll pick up all these little

piles no problem no problem this girl

she's like having fun ice skating on the

ice out here same thing with my horse

whoo there's another little rubble pile

oh I see a little snowman there's just

like a little random cute snowman cute

alright I got all those rubble piles

picked up thank you trying to be safe in

this now thank you

oh wait a minute here comes one he's

jumping around he's jumping around honey

hards hohoho Merry Christmas Merry

Christmas Santa so what's going on oh I

guess the winter village is a little

naughty this year people are making

mischief I think there was a sleigh that

crashed somewhere will you go and check

on it oh I wonder

an avalanche caused the sleigh to crash

or if they were flying in the air oh

look it there's a little helpers right

here so if I find these you'll also get

little tokens there's another one over

here that girl is still ice skating look

at her ice skating she's having such a

great time Oh No we found the crash site

Oh No

yeah they definitely got stuck in an

avalanche oh I hope everybody's okay

okay the reindeer look like they're safe

one of the Yule goats got thrown around

but that's okay they're just so naughty

all right reindeer everybody's okay

everyone's all right let's going on with

this presidents like a little mystery

present gonna pick up these gifts little

cookies these little presents I'm sure

Santa doesn't want just this stuff just

left around we need to definitely pick

it up better bring all this stuff back

to Santa oh there's a rider out here she


she's got a cute little kitty cat Hey

whoo it's getting cold and dark I still

need to find two more helpers out in the

snow and there's still Christmas races

to check out too there's so much to do

in the winter village thank you so much

honey hearts for checking on that sleigh

I'm glad nobody else got hurt by the

Avalanche I know that would have been

really bad all right we're the last of

the helpers around here come on

Christmas helpers where are you usually

they're pretty close to each other and

you can find them fairly easy

oh there's one Merry Christmas

ah there we go number five you have

found all the hidden helpers for today

all right so you have to do it every day

oh look I was given a whole bunch of

fruit to feed my horse and a bunch of

wish coins awesome all right I'm gonna

pick up a cookie and get all checked

into my cabin feed my horse whoo and

just kind of get out of the cold see

which one of these winter cabin should I

rent this one's kind of off on its own

but this one's got a door of a little

snowmen like a little snowman family

wait a little itty-bitty baby snowman

look at the Christmas tree in the middle

of the town it's so pretty oh look at

how nice they didn't even have to cut

the tree down

they just decorated it just in place

where it is all right so let's go get my

Christmas cookie hey can I get a

Christmas cookie sure help yourself

all right which one do I want I think

I'm gonna get a little candy cane shaped

one we're gonna take this one perfect

all right I'm gonna get all checked into

the cabin and then

please join me in my next video where

we're gonna do the holiday races and

more exploring here in town and keeping

all of these little helpers safe from

the avalanches that are going on so I

will see you guys in my next star stable

video whoo Merry Christmas