Make Your Scarves Work For You on Cold Days

hi there I'm coming to you through the

mirror today on this cold cold winter

day to tell you to remind you that you

have probably some wonderful scarves you

need to be getting out right now these

have saved our lives in this cold winter

we not only look pretty in festive and

dressy with our pretty scarves own but

actually is keeping me warm both indoors

and outdoors so I'm going to give you a

couple of little reminders today about

why we love scarves so much if you have

one of these larger scarves like this in

your closet that is actually a kind of

an awkward size it isn't long enough to

throw over your shoulder it's not long

enough to tie in the front but it is so

warm and so pretty so I kind of think of

these as a vest put them across my

shoulders and on my arms if you're

smaller you might even want to belt it

in the front it would it would be so

nice and straight and flat in the butt

in the back and then a little bit of

gather and belting in the front it just

just gives you that little extra layer

of warmth but I have a couple of other

suggestions i'm going to give you as

well now all of us have used this little

trick where you folded your scarf in

half and you pull it through like this i

mean that's that's been around for a

long time but there's kind of a little

new twist this year that i think looks

even prettier and it keeps it a little

bit flatter on your chest go ahead and

fold it just like that put your hand

inside but only pull one end of the

scarf three now before you pull the

second end through give this a little

half twist so this actually gives you a

woven effect makes it a little bit

flatter gives you a little bit of a

finished look and this is something that

you can wear all day long if you have a

top on that doesn't have a collar and

you're finding nature that your upper

shoulders and your neck are a little bit

cool so that's idea number two now

here's ideal number 3 i'm being asked

for infinity scarves again this year and

and actually we've sold out but i have a

suggestion of how to create an infinity

scarf out of one of your regular scarves

i have simply nodded the ends here and

i'll take it off in a minute and show

you what i mean

and then I've wrapped it around my neck

twice this one happens to be an ombre

scarf that has one in black and one in

brown set work spurts particularly well

and the knot can be part of the actual

design so you can put the night in the

front you can put the knot in the back

you can separate the two layers if you

want to like this but it's essentially a

cowl neck where you haven't had a cowl

neck before so here's what it looks like

when you first do it it's just a nice

long scarf they need to be soft and

drapey for this application and then

just take the two ends and tie them

together in a nice little square knot

glen tight kind of tight so it won't

meet your goal key and then you're just

going to twist it one time put it over

your head and you have instant infinity

scarf so hope you enjoy these ideas and

hope you get back into your closet and

find all the scarves that you've loved

collecting over the years find new ways

to wear them and enjoy the warmth and

pleasure of a great warm scarf for this

winter weather