When is the Best Time to Travel to Costa Rica?

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now one of our most common questions all

the time is when's the best time to


of course that's a very open-ended

question and it depends entirely on what


are looking to do whether it's you and

your partner a solo trip a family trip a

friend's getaway

so bear all that in mind if you have any

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in a future episode but when's the best

time to travel to costa rica

well if you're looking for great weather

pretty much 90 plus degree sunshine all

year round

the cost of costa rica's high season

january to april

might be the good option for you of

course do expect a very few

hotel specials because this is the most

popular time so the country tends to be

quite busy you'll find a lot of tourists

especially around spring break and

easter now

after easter one of my personal favorite

times to travel

is the transition period from dry season

to green season

or which is in around may june

or on the back end the green season to

the dry season

late november early december why the

transition season

well you tend to find that there are

slightly fewer people in the country

some of the hotel rates start to drop so

you can expect to get some great


and because you see a couple of rain

showers in the afternoon

you see a lot more wildlife it starts to

pick up everything's becoming a bit

greener and a bit lusher

of course perhaps you're looking to

travel with your family in the summer


in europe or north america so july and

august are good options as well

do expect one or two tropical downpours

of rain in the afternoon

but again because of that you see a lot

more wildlife now if you're an

avid nature lover or birder perhaps and

you're looking for wildlife specific

late august september all the way

through to november is our green season

we'll do a video on that in more detail

later on but that's when you can expect

to see the most

wildlife because of the rain showers so

you know

most mornings in costa rica are pretty

beautiful pretty dry

and then it starts to come down for two

or three hours maybe in the evening

maybe the evenings brighten up it

depends where you are in the country

we can help you out with the specifics

but do check out the green season

if you're looking for great hotel deals

as well so you're looking to save a

penny or two

but the wildlife is amazing again it

varies if you're looking for whales

you could be around november december

some of them go up to march

if you're looking for the turtle season

september october specifically

there's a massive variation do bear in

mind if you're coming at the christmas


you should book well in advance at least

eight to nine months possibly a year in


to get the hotel you're looking for the

two weeks between christmas and new year

is the peak season in costa rica so the

weather's getting very good but of

course because it's christmas

everybody's traveling i hope that's

given you an idea of variation

more or less about when is the best time

to travel i love the transition period

perhaps you're looking just for sun so

the high season might work if you're not

too bothered about a rain shower

come in the transition periods or the

green season for wildlife and great


either way get in touch with us our

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