10 Best Cars To Lease 2019 – Cheap & Reliable !


as we head for the tough days of summer

most are thinking about how to squeeze

the most we can out of the great weather

our makers on the other hand are

thinking of ways to clear the lots so

they have room for this fall's 2020

model year arrivals mini lease deals

have limits based on where you live and

the specific models to which the offer

applies strict mileage limits are

typical and most lease deals are only

available to customers with excellent

credit scores and stable work histories

for more details check the description

and ask a dealer near you for

availability in your region so without

any further ado let's check out the 10

best cars to lease for September 2019

number one the 2019 Kia Forte with a

monthly payment of a hundred and seventy

nine dollars and $24.99 new at sign in

the 2019 Forte is a great compact car

but with its midland engine and soso

ride quality the Forte doesn't have the

most exciting performance still it

compensates with great gas mileage and a

terrific interior the cabin looks great

and features upscale materials and its

front seats are comfortable and

supported this Kia has one of the

largest trunks in the class and the

sedans long standard features list is

headlined by a user-friendly

infotainment system all 20-19 models

come with a 2.0 liter four-cylinder

engine that produces 147 horsepower and

132 pound-feet of torque and 33 mpg

combined the base model features a

six-speed manual transmission while the

CVT automatic transmission is optional

in that trim and standard in high-end

models number two the 2019 Mazda 3 sedan

with a monthly payment of 179 dollars

and $24.99 do at signing the 2019 Mazda

3 is an excellent compact car available

in sedan and hatchback body styles it

has a lively engine good fuel economy

terrific handlin and a smooth ride in

fact very few rivals can match its

overall performance inside the Mazda 3

looks great and uses plenty of quality

materials there are plenty of user

friendly features as well the only knock

against it is that its rear seats unless

fishes as those of some competitors it

comes standard with a 2.5 liter 4

cylinder engine good for 186 horsepower

that may not sound like much but in a

car this light it helps to deliver quick

acceleration a standard 6-speed

automatic transmission pair as well with

this engine and it execuse smooth and

timeless shifts it does 33 mpg combined


number three the 2019 Volkswagen Jetta

with a monthly payment of one hundred

and eighty nine dollars and twenty four

ninety nine do you assign in the

Volkswagen Jetta is a decent car it

earns good gas mileage while delivering

smooth ride and its trunk offers a good

amount of space for the compacts car

class though many rivals are more

athletic posting better Hamlin and

stronger engines several also have

higher quality materials throughout the


the jedis cabin is nice but it won't

blow your way it remains quiet at

highway speeds and features some soft

touch materials but you can also spot

some hard plastics that detract from the

overall experience it features a decent

147 horsepower turbocharged

four-cylinder base engine some class

rivals have more power and provide

quicker acceleration but it can move

this small sedan without any trouble

economy is where it excels returned in

35 mpg combined number for the 2020 Hind

I Elantra with a monthly payment of 189

dollars and $23.99 view at signing the

2020 Elantra is a good compact car it

has ample cargo space and delivers a

smooth ride the cabin is well built and

the seats are comfortable the Elantra

also gets a good reliability rating the

main knocks against it are that it

delivers and bound in driving experience

and that even in some of the strong

areas it trails behind competitors while

it has a handsome cabin material quality

doesn't feel as luxurious as you will

find in some of its rivals the Elantra

sedan comes standard with a hundred and

forty seven horsepower 2.0 liter

4-cylinder engine mated to a CVT

automatic transmission the 6-speed

manual has been discontinued


number five the 2020 Kia Optima with a

monthly payment of two hundred and nine

dollars and $29.99 due at signing the

Kia Optima is a good car its cabin looks

and feels great and there is ample room

for both passengers and cargo plenty of

active safety features come standard as

does an intuitive infotainment system

the Optima has these new Hamlin and a

comfortable ride however many rivals

deliver better fuel economy its cabin is

covered with premium materials and it

has a clean upscale look and feel

simply put few other mid-size sedans

have cabins as nice as this Kia the

Optimus Hydra 85 horsepower based engine

does just fine for your daily commute

and running errands but 28 mpg combined

but if you want a little more power

choose one of the two turbo 4 engines

which put out 170 a and 245 horsepower

respectively with 33 mpg combined number

six the 2020 Honda Accord with a monthly

payment of two hundred and forty nine

dollars and fourteen ninety ninety at

signing the 2019 Honda Accord is a good

midsize car it's both practical and fun

with a generous list of standard safety

technology and a spacious cabin the

Accord features a lineup of lively

engines and it navigates twists and

turns with ease a high-end cabin design

and great fuel economy enhance the

Accords overall appeal despite having

some second-rate plastic the Accords

interior is will built and filled with

soft touch materials some even say that

some of the Accords climate and audio

controls are akin to those in an Audi

powered by 192 horsepower turbocharged

1.5 liter 4-cylinder engine and the CVT

automatic transmission with 34 mpg

combined the base Accord has plenty of

muscle free daily commute for more power

though get the optional 2.0 liter 252

horsepower turbo for

number seven the 2020 Nissan Altima with

a monthly payment of two hundred and

forty nine dollars and twenty three

thirty nine do you assign it the twenty

twenty Nissan Altima is a good midsize

car it's a great commuter car that has

two capable engine options great fuel

economy estimates and a gentle ride its

seats are highly comfortable too however

some of its rivals are roomier and feel

more engaging from behind the wheel it

has a modern cabin with a sleek and

clean design though some noted that

rivals have more upscale materials it

comes standard with a 2.5 liter

four-cylinder engine that makes 188

horsepower and 180 feet pound of torque

with 33 mpg combined and is paired with

Nissan's xtronic CVT automatic

transmission number eight the 2019

Volkswagen e-golf with a monthly payment

of two hundred and thirty nine dollars

and the $29.99 duet sign in the

Volkswagen Golf is a good compact car

driver is looking for a spirited

performance will appreciate the Gulf's

eager acceleration and agile handling

others will enjoy different aspects of

this VW like its smooth ride easy-to-use

tech features an ample cargo space but

the main reason the golf isn't more of a

contender for a top of the class is

because it has bad reliability the Golf

has an upscale cabin full of high-end

materials it's nice enough to rival some

luxury vehicles the e-golf bears Alethia

mind battery with an electric motor to

produce 134 horsepower with excellent

gas mileage at 126 m VG II in the city

and 111 mpg highway and an all-electric

range of 125 miles

number nine the 2019 Nissan Leaf 40

kilowatt with a monthly payment of two

hundred and twenty nine dollars and

thirty nine seventy nine view at sign in

the 2019 Nissan Leaf is an appealing

all-electric car that offers lots of

cargo space and good driving range

however it's bland and plastic filled

cabin pushes it towards the bottom of

this list it doesn't stand down amongst

hybrid and electric cars its cabin is

roomy but it has some with all great

materials additionally its base price is

high for a compact car but it's on the

low end for an electric vehicle the leaf

is powered by one hundred and forty

seven horsepower electric motor that

delivered is lively acceleration well it

doesn't have a lot of horsepower it can

keep up with both city and highway

traffic the standard leaf has a 40

kilowatt hour lithium ion battery pack

and the single speed transmission

number 10 the 20 1907 a sized sedan with

a monthly payment of two hundred and

twenty nine dollars and a $25.99 do you

assign it the Honda Civic is a good car

it has versatility that few compact cars

can match this Honda is quick an agile

car that returns great gas mileage and

inside the Civic is more upscale than

many rivals and it has ample passenger

space the cabin has solid build quality

and is replete with upscale materials

even plastic services are impressive

this contrasts with the hard or cheap

feeling plastics sometimes present in

other mainstream cars the Honda Civic

comes standard with a 2.0 liter

four-cylinder engine good for 158

horsepower it does a decent job of

scooting the car around and the standard

6-speed manual transmission had some

sportiness it returns 34 mpg combined so

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