Should you take magnesium supplements, and what are the benefits of taking Magnesium?

in this video we're gonna talk about

whether you should take magnesium hey

guys I'm Michael Kenny this is my

brother Matt and as doctors we've

recommended magnesium for many of our

patients and we've seen a lot of amazing

results not everyone but most patients

right now if you have kidney disease you

should probably check with your doctor

before you try magnesium out so with

magnesium it's a little complicated you

can measure the amount of magnesium in

your blood but this is very inaccurate

the amount of magnesium in your blood

makes up about one to two percent of all

the magnesium in your body and most of

your magnesium is actually in your bones

and your cells so if you have low levels

of magnesium your magnesium deficient

then it's not that easy to measure so

what we do is we rely on your symptoms

we rely on how you feel but what does

magnesium deficiency feel like so in our

body magnesium helps out with pretty

much everything it's an

anti-inflammatory and it's a vasodilator

which means that it helps blood flow in

the body so for example if you have poor

blood flow and your muscles then you're

more prone to cramps if you have poor

blood flow in your brain then you could

have trouble focusing or sleeping if you

have poor blood flow throughout your

entire body then this could lead to high

blood pressure so that's why you see

people taking magnesium supplements for

these very reasons some people take it

to help with insomnia some people take

it to help with muscle cramps so then

the question is should you take

magnesium supplements well if you've had

any of these vague symptoms that I've

been describing if you've had cramps

especially late at night time if you've

had headaches or trouble focusing or

insomnia depressed mood low energy high

blood pressure asthma fatigue

constipation so for example if you've

been struggling with something like

insomnia for a long time and haven't

been able to figure it out maybe your

magnesium level is low well since we

can't reliably measure magnesium levels

in our body my recommendation is to just

try magnesium supplements because it's

helped many of my patients but we're

willing to bet that your magnesium

levels are probably pretty low

80% of Americans have low magnesium

levels and here are some reasons why we

get magnesium from green leafy

vegetables and the typical American diet

doesn't really have a lot of green leafy

vegetables eating sugars and drinking

alcohol also lowers your magnesium

because your body needs to use the

magnesium in order to digest them being

stressed also uses up a lot of magnesium

losing sleep uses up a lot of magnesium

drinking too much coffee or tea or

anything that makes you pee a lot can

also make you lose magnesium it just

sounds like all college students are

magnesium deficient right like they

drink coffee all day to study and then

they stay up all night and then they

stay out and they go party they drink

alcohol that's why I like to recommend

trying magnesium supplements if you're

having trouble focusing or having

trouble sleeping especially if you're

trying to do well in school you need to

be up studying and you that sleeps your

brain can process all that information

while you're in deep sleep so the

takeaway here is that if you've been

having some of these general symptoms

for a while now and you want to feel

better sleep better and focus better

I'd recommend trying magnesium

supplements for a short while to see if

things improve it's a really safe

mineral so you can't really hurt

yourself I would visit Walmart or Target

or Amazon and just grab yourself a

bottle they're usually not very

expensive I have links in the

description below for some of my

favorite magnesium supplements there's

some that I've taken personally some

magnesium are better absorbed by your

body than others that's why you'll see

such a price difference and there's

something like ten different types so if

you want to learn about which type is

the best for you check out our next

video right here and if you already take

magnesium supplements at home please

leave a comment below and briefly

describe your experience with it so that

other listeners can get some insight

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