How To Prevent Your Hair From Tangling

hey guys hope you're having a beautiful

day I'm Lilia from the luxy hair team

and today I thought I would sit down and

chat with you guys about a hair struggle

that I've been dealing with for days as

long as I can remember and that is hair

tangling I know all of us have different

hair types so if you don't experience

tangled hair you are so blessed you can

skip this video for those of you who can

relate I really think that you guys will

find this video helpful I have learned

it to accept my tangled hair and I have

gathered some tips and tricks for you

guys to minimize the problem because

spoiler alert you cannot get rid of

tangles forever but there are some

things that you could do to minimize the

damage and sort of the frustration that

come with tangled hair so I'll split

this video into three parts first I'll

talk about why does hair tangle in the

first place

and the second part I'll talk about some

ways of how to prevent your hair from

tangling and the third part I'll just

show you guys how I detangle my hair

that I found that works best for me and

I hope you like the technique what I'll

also do is I'll leave the timestamps for

all those three parts below so if you

guys are interested to skip on over

right there then you can go ahead and do

that well let's get right into it

why does my hair tingle so there could

be a few reasons the first is your hair

type if you have really thick and really

curly hair your hair is more prone to

tangling or if you have hair like mine I

have a bunch of hair but the actual hair

strands are very very thin and the very

fine if you have very fine hair and thin

hair strands your hair is more prone to

tangling it is what it is another reason

why your hair may be tangling is because

it's dry it's lacking the moisture and

as a result there is more friction

between the hair strands and it tangles

more another reason is maybe if you

sleep with your hair down the friction

between the pillow and when you toss and

turn just causes the hair to tangle more

or if you get out of the shower and use

a really thick towel to sort of dry your

hair that kind of friction can cause

your hair to tangle as well okay but

regardless of the reason why your hair

tangles it doesn't really change the

fact that it's super super annoying so


to some ways of how you can minimize the

hair tangling so first and foremost is

to condition your hair and keep it

hydrated and moisturized so obviously

never skip out on conditioner after you

shampoo but also do a hair mask if you

don't already do that one of my

favorites is coconut oil or if you mix

coconut oil with honey and leave it on

for a minimum 30 minutes you will feel

the difference your hair will be

restored not after one time obviously

but over time if you consistently keep

nourishing your hair with moisture it

will thank you and it will tangle up the

next one is one you probably hear all

the time and for good reason

is to minimize the use of Hot Tools

because that really damages your hair

and it makes it a lot more dry which

leads to tangling so if you tend to blow

dry your hair a lot or curl it or strain

it all the time just see if you can do

with that a little bit less and if you

still need to continue to do that make

sure that you always always use heat

protectant before you do so another

thing I started doing is I'm trading my

hair before bed you can either do loose

braids and tie them up with thumb

scrunchies and not those little elastics

that rip your hair out or you can put a

nil deuce bun whatever works for you I

used to go to bed with my hair down all

the time and I would just wake up with

like 10 rats nests in my hair and it's

just not the best way to spend the

morning since I started braiding my hair

before bed I noticed significantly less

tingly the next thing is so simple but

for some reason it just never used to do

it before and that is to consistently

brush my hair throughout the day I used

to just leave the house and then come

home with with this huge rat's nest

especially in the back of my neck I

guess there's a little bit more friction

there and throughout the day and now we

just almost cry every time I had to

detangle it but now that I wish my hair

multiple times a day I noticed there's

much much less tangling throughout the

day obviously another tip I learned that

I started doing is after the shower

crank the water to the coldest that you

can and rinse your hair with cold water

what this does is that it helps to seal

the shaft of the hair and that way there

is less friction between the hair

strands and it tends to tangle us and

one last thing here guys please please

please brush your hair completely before

you hop into the shower

I'm guilty of doing this before I used

to get really frustrated or just really

lazy to be honest and I would hop into

the shower with all my tangles and it

just wasn't pretty when you try to

detangle your hair while it's wet it's

actually more damaging to your hair so

just take some time to detangle your

hair before you go into the shower your

hair well thank you

so that's the guy it's pretty simple I

really wish I had a magic formula for

you on how to get rid of tangles forever

but it doesn't exist unless you guys

know something I don't then let me know

in the comments below but I honestly

used so many hair products that claim to

detangle hair and none of them have

worked for me personally so far so I

learned at the end of the day it's about

the things that you do daily to prevent

your hair from tangling and overall how

well you take care of your hair if you

are providing it with the nutrients that

you need if you're using natural and

organic products that it deserves and

that's pretty much it

okay guys so now I'm going to show you

how I detangle my hair so the first

thing I do is actually split my hair

into manageable sections that way I get

a little bit less frustrated and I'm

just making sure that I'm not missing

any tangles so after I've separated my

hair into sections the next thing I do

is go into the tangle and start

separating as much as I can with my

fingers I find this method very gentle

and it preps me for the next step for

when I bring in the brush after that I

recommend taking either a wide tooth

comb or a soft bristle brush just like

this one you see how the bristles are

very flexible and then to gently start

brushing out the tangle from bottom to


resist the urge to brush from top to

bottom it will rip the hair out of your

scalp and it's just gonna hurt and

damage your hair there's no need for

that just be gentle and brush from

bottom up do this with each section and

at the end you'll end up with beautiful

tangle free hair so that's pretty much

it guys I really hope that you liked and

enjoyed this video please be sure to

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