How To Properly Clean Roof Rain Gutters & Downspouts -Jonny DIY

what's up youtubers Johnny DIY here

today I'm gonna be showing you guys how

to clean that the proper whip it's

really important that you clean out your


you know after fall when the when all

the leaves have fallen from your tree

they've probably clogged up your gutters

now you're gonna want to clean them out

before the big rain storms come and

everything because I could rip your

gutters off if all extra weight of the

leaves and everything plus you know then

they won't drain right alright let's get

to it first of all I like to go around

with my leaf blower here and blow off

all the loose leaves down in the valleys

and crevices of the roof

I like to get out all the dry leaves out

of the gutter that I can with the blower

as well now there are many different

ways of getting the leaves out of your

gutters there's two different schools of

thought as well now either you can move

the ladder around the house standing on

the ladder and shovel out all the all

the gunk whoo or you can go up on the

roof and do it from here now this isn't

going to be an option if you have a

steep roof that you can't you know go on

top of it'd be too dangerous you need to

go up with a ladder around the edge but

there are many different techniques you

can use like a little garden shovel you

can go right and use your hands

sometimes I use a five gallon bucket and

I just put it into the bucket and then

shovel the bucket over the edge so I

don't make a mess all the way around

like I said you could use your hands in

a bucket or a little shovel I've made

them out of little cartons but this time

I'm just gonna go around with this stick

fling up all the leaves out of the

gutter and then just go and clean up the

gutters spray off the gutters after

cleaning gutters is one of those things

where everybody's got a way of doing it

I've done it pretty much every way you

can use a pressure washer and come up

here and just blow it all out they've

got attachment for hoses and everything

you can use you can use your attachment

on your blower make it a vacuum and you

can suck out all this stuff

they've even got attachments for weed

whackers where you can try and blow them

out and you know that stuff works this

is just the tried-and-true the hard the

regular getting it out of the gutter any

way you can way I usually end up doing

it all right now comes the fun part

once you've got your gutters all pretty

much cleaned up they're going to be all

full of black gunk like this dirt from

over the whole year so starting at the

non spout in just gonna walk down the

hose and spray out all that gun

I can grab those last bit of leaves at

the bottom are your spout toss those out

after we've done the inside gonna go

ahead and take your hose and spray the

outside of your gutter get all that

nasty gunk and dirt

you've got it nice and clean on the

inside and the outside now that we're

down off the roof you're gonna want to

go around all your downspouts and make

sure that they're all free of leaves and

debris make sure that there's a nice

pathway running away from the house for

the water and that's it and now it's

time to enjoy a fresh cold beverage of

your choice all right guys if you liked

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