How To Clean Rain Gutters Fast! (From The Ground)

hello Jim and Dave here yep with another

edition of our twins tips and tricks

this was on our rain gutters you know

fall was coming around the corner we

want to be able to give you that insight

on the best way to clean those rain

gutters these all the standard way is

using like utilizing a water hose and

then a ladder

maybe a spatula in a bucket you come up

turn the water on and you're trying to

scrape that hose down at the same time

and so we've developed a really cool

thing that we want to show you and here

it is it's really it's just 3/4 PVC with

a couple of 45s and a 3/4 cap with a

hole in it then at the end of it we use

a double connection here one that

connects to a male adapter and then your

water hose is going to connect to this

so let's go ahead and put it in action

all right guys let's go ahead