How To Pick Your Legend | Based Off Playstyle/Role | Apex Legends

hello friends and welcome to my channel

in this apex legends video I'm going to

be giving you different roles / play

styles and then right after I give you

that specific role / play style I'm

gonna be telling you what legend will

fit your specific play style I'm gonna

be giving a couple of different

disclaimers for this video but if you

really don't want to hear them I'll give

you a time stamp right here if you want

to get into the play styles and what

legend I recommend you to play so for

those of you who are sticking with me

for this part of the video I just wanted

to say a few things this is kind of an

odd video topic not many other people

have actually done this on YouTube and

also a couple of things that I want you

to learn from this video is that a lot

of people have different play styles and

that's really okay but it's a good thing

to have set roles on teams so you know

what everyone's doing so you don't have

like a kostik sitting in the back

setting traps or something an example of

having role set I've talked about it in

a previous video and I'm going to talk

about two really big streamers because

I'm just guessing that's what I can

relate with you guys so shrouded with

his squad he always plays with set

people and it seems that when shroud

plays he's the more aggressive player

and there are his teammates that are

more just sitting in the back giving him

cover and giving him call-outs and

another example this one is in

fortnight's but I'm just saying this one

because chances are you guys have

watched these people T Fuu and cloak C T

Fuu is the more aggressive person and

cloak C is more the guy who sits back so

there actually is a such thing as roles

and they can end up working out pretty

well also in this video you may figure

out that you are a mix of different play

styles and that's really okay but it

might be a good idea to pick a specific

role also during this video I really

hope that you guys can go outside of

your comfort zone and if I describe a

play style and a legend that might

really fit you that you might go out of

your comfort zone just a little bit and

try that legend out like I said I'm

gonna be giving a specific play style

and then a legend that will fit well

with that but you might have more of a

defensive Legend that you play

offensively with you can play with

whatever legend and about whatever way

you want but I'm just gonna give you my

personal record

but anyways this is where the real meat

of the video will start and I hope you

all enjoy so my very first play style

for you is the play makers I believe

that the play maker is probably the very

most common play style in apex legends

the play maker is usually the ones that

are on the frontline during battles

they're the ones really trying to grind

out the kills the play makers aren't

always just going suicide at the enemies

they're more playing a little bit

conservatively some of the time and they

waits for the right time to strike so I

have three different legends that I

think support this role the very best

first of all is Wraith with wraiths

ultimate ability and also for tactical

ability you can really confuse enemies

and throw them off with Wraith you can

all of a sudden appear out of her portal

and you can start shooting people and

when you're on the frontlines she's also

super useful to get behind cover and

heal my second legend is lifeline

now lifeline is not really thought as

more an aggressive character in my

opinion she's kind of thought is a more

support character but in my opinion her

healbot and her fast healing can make

her super versatile and you can really

heal before other people are ready after

you've been hit also lifelines ultimate

ability will be giving you the very best

equipment for the frontlines also I

think about the third most useful

character for the playmaker and this is

just in my opinion it's banglore her

passive ability makes her really quick

to both rush enemies and get away once

you get damaged from being on the

frontlines in my opinion Banglore is one

of the most agile characters in the game

and I kind of don't want to get roasted

in the comments section saying the

banglar is good for this role because

that's who I mean but I really think

that if you're a playmaker you should

really try out bangle or my next role

for you is the scout now how I would

describe a scout is that because they're

a scout they're gonna be up front of the

group looking for people all of the time

the scout is a person who is really good

at looking for people who knows maybe

even your TV screen is a little bit

bigger so you can see people just that

little bit easier I believe that you

should set a designated decision-maker

so say you are going up on

and you contemplate with your squad on

where you want to go the Scout should be

the mind of the team that can make

decisions in these situations the Scout

should wield a legend that is really

good at getting out of tricky situations

now this is the last time I will be

saying her in this video but I think the

very best character at getting out of

sticky situations arguably is Bangalore

when you're in the frontlines and all of

a sudden you meet a squad right in your


Bangalore can get a speed boost to run

away and also she can pop smoke in her

path I also believe that Wraith is a

very good character for this role

both her tactical and ultimate are

pretty much one of the best in the game

at getting away I do not recommend using

this character very often but if you're

gonna use this character I recommend you

wielding this scout role that I have

described to you so my very third legend

on this role is Mirage now I'm not gonna

lie I'm kind of against Mirage myself

he's really fun to play in the game but

I think any other than a scout role

you should really not play him but for

the Scout role his ultimate ability is

obviously great at running away

Mirage can be an offensive character too

but I think he's just as good or even

better at running away so if you are our

Mirage player yourself I recommend that

you are at the front of the group and

you really scout out the area moving on

to the next play style this is the

defensive I would only recommend to you

playing the defensive role if you are a

beginner to the game to be honest the

defensive characters you probably know

who they are really the whole reason

that they're in the game is for new

players to give them a chance to succeed

I guess but the thing is about playing a

defensive role is that you should have

your entire squad playing a defensive

character so I believe that there is a

certain three legend combination for a

squad that will be the very best at

camping to be quite honest I believe my

third legend will surprise you just a

little bit so my very first legend on

this list is caustic now I do believe

you all saw this coming caustic is great

at playing defensive indoors in fact

there is probably no other legend that

nearly dominates as much

kostik does indoors I believe that

caustic is a very good legend for

beginners because it's not hard to grasp

the task of just throwing traps around

corners and camping in a building when

another team comes rushing in caustic is

super good and you have a huge advantage

I thought I heard respond saying

something about it but I don't want to

quote them they said that caustic really

gives a really good platform for new

players to enter the game on now there

might be some of you out there that are

caustic mains that are not new to the

game but I'm just saying that in my

opinion there are probably better

legends for you you also probably could

have guessed the next legend that I'm

about to say this one is Watson she is

really good when you pair her up with

caustic quite honestly I believe that

Watson is in the game so you could have

an OG camper squad maybe with a squad of

friends it would just be really cool the

one time try to make a giant camping

squad Watson is really good so when

you're on the run and you go through a

door you can quickly put down one of her

traps to delay the enemy

I believe the legend to round off the og

camper squad would be lifeline while you

guys are bunkered down in a building

possibly taking pop shots from enemies

or grenades for healing drone will

benefit you greatly

quite honestly just thinking about this

oh gee camper squad with kostik Watson

and lifeline it sounds super overpowered

to me and it it makes me pretty mad now

moving it to my next role slash play

style is the almighty support role if

you've ever if you have ever played a

game in the past such as overwatch that

requires a support character you know

how beneficial it is to have a support

person on your team as a support role

you should be sitting at sort of like

mid range with like something I say an R

301 you should probably have pretty

decent aim and you should be in charge

of watching your teammates flanks as

they're rushing up close legends that I

think benefit from being a support

character is a certain legend that can

all of a sudden move really quickly up

to your teammates if they need help in

close range or legends when your

teammates get damaged and they come back

to you you can quickly benefit them so

my very first legend on this

list is Pathfinder so kind of like what

I said if your teammates rush up close

and all of a sudden two people have like

a peacekeeper and you can't really see

those enemies have finder will be able

to quickly grapple or zipline towards

those people to help the next character

is lifeline when your teammates get

damaged and they come back towards you

you can throw out your healing drone to

quickly assist them also I believe that

Gibraltar he is really good in the

support role if your squad ever gets

caught in the open you can throw down

his dome shield and just kind of like

with lifeline if they come back towards

you you can throw down your dome shields

and your teammates can heal 25% faster I

believe that if you're playing with two

people that are considerably better than

you it would be good to take the support

role to give the two other players a

chance to eat so in this situation it

might be a pretty good situation to use

lifeline or Gibraltar my next role for

you people out there is the utilitarian

role with this play style if you're

gonna be playing this I believe that you

should be very ability minded when I'm

playing I kind of sometimes momentarily

forget that I have abilities and I just

kind of get caught up with shooting

people and gunfights but I believe that

if you constantly are thinking that you

have an ability that you should be

playing this role also it would be good

if that you are a pretty aggressive

player so an example of what I'm talking

about with this is Pathfinder with

pathfinders grapple you can go in a huge

variety of places if you are a very

ability minded you'll be constantly

thinking about how you can flank enemies

and get on top of different buildings to

really destroy the other squad another

good example of this is mirages if you

see an enemy right in your face

a lot of players they'll automatically

forget about their abilities and they'll

instantly go into gunfights but in some

rare situations like with Mirage it

might be a really good idea to send out

a decoy before you shoot if you really

think that you have the balls to pull

this off I highly recommend you playing

Mirage for a couple of games now before

I said I don't really like Mirage but

that's probably because

I'm not really meant for him moving on

to the next role if you like going into

gunfights with their head cut off

assuming it the person around the corner

should probably be some eight year old

sitting in their grandma's basement

completely clueless praying that you'll

get that kill and no matter what you're

gonna rush that kid I highly recommend

you playing octane if you are that

person that plays with a squad and you

see somebody your squad says not to push

but you suicide anyways this is for you

if you're gonna play octane it's highly

recommended that you don't really care

about dying I mean still play smartly

but octane is super good at being super

agile dodging shots and catching enemies

off-guard with his jump pad now moving

into my last role slash play style this

is for you snipers out there if you like

to buddy up with a friend and harass

enemies at long range that you have to

snipers and they don't I believe I know

the perfect legend for you and please if

this is you please use this one legend

and use him a lot

this one is crypto crypto isn't really

the greatest legend in the game because

when you're in his drone you're not

really benefiting your teammates so much

because you will probably most likely be

at a decently long range from the

enemies but if you get caught up sniping

with crypto and your teammates need help

you can pop his drone and quickly fly it

over there to pretty much give your

teammates an additional teammate maybe

even just until the sniper window opens

up so that'll be about it guys like I

said before this hasn't really been done

a lot on YouTube picking your legend

based on your role but I really hope

that it's somehow benefited you and will

help improve your gameplay in the future

but anyways the last video I posted on

my channel in five days it already

became the biggest video that I put on

my channel so I'm super excited about


thank you to all of you who have watched

my apex legends cross play video and

that'll be about it from me peace out