Full Moon: July Full Buck Moon


hi I'm Amy an editor at the Old Farmer's

Almanac July's full moon is called the

full buck moon because at this time

bucks begin to grow new antlers it is

also known as the Thunder moon because

thunderstorms are so frequent at this

time of year July is also an important

month in moon history on July 16 1969

Apollo 11 launched from Cape Kennedy

Florida four days later on July 20th

Neil Armstrong became the first person

to step foot on the moon he placed an

American flag there as well as the

commemorative plaque but also something

a little less known that is still in use

today a lunar laser ranging

retroreflector array a two foot wide

panel covered with mirrors pointing at

earth with this tool we can measure the

distance between earth and the moon to a

very precise degree a laser is shot out

of a telescope on earth hits the mirrors

on the moon and is reflected back the

travel time of the laser pulse tells us

the distance to the moon over the years

many different objects have been left on

the moon by several different missions

including six long term scientific

stations as well as many unmanned lunar

probes and Rovers to learn more about

the moon go to almanac comm slash moon