A cold, flu or coronavirus - which one do I have? - BBC News

having a blocked already knows a sore

throat and a cough

is common especially during the winter

but how do you know if you have


flu or a cold if your temperature is

above 37.8 degrees centigrade you should

get a test

as one of the main symptoms of covid19

is a fever if you have a cold

a fever is rare just remember if you're

waiting for the results of a test

you've got to self-isolate with your

household until it comes back negative

so what about sneezing well if no other

symptoms develop it's probably a cold

but remember to catch your sneeze so the

spray is not infecting others

don't leave tissues around and wash your

hands often

a runny or blocked nose on its own is

likely to be a cold

but if you have a loss of taste or smell

that's a symptom of covert 19 and you

should get a test

coughs are more difficult to tell apart

a new continuous cough is one of the

most common coronavirus symptoms

but how do you know if your cough is

continuous it's when you've been

coughing a lot for more than an hour

or you have three or more coughing

episodes in 24 hours

if you're not sure or you're having

trouble breathing contact your doctor

but don't go to see them face to face

unless they tell you to as you may

spread covered 19 to other people

in the uk you can use the nhs 111

coronavirus service

online if you don't want a nasty cold or

flu to put you down for a few days then


hand washing social distancing and

wearing masks will protect you from

common winter illnesses

and also from coronavirus which is handy