Flu vs. Cold- What's the Difference?

welcome back with your eye on health

we're in the middle of flu season right

now and a lot of people may confuse

symptoms of flu and cold joining us now

is dr. city boughs for Medical Center

Hospital with great tips for us always

great advice health and medical advice

going to talk to us about these two and

how can we tell the difference a lot of

confusion here and one of the main

points I want to make is the flu is not

just a bad cold so for this piece I'd

like to introduce our new friend I

needed some help on this so you want to

meet our friend here yeah let's meet

them this is our friend all right look

at this guy

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everything a name so we're talking about

flu versus cold and in general a cold is

neck and above so you know watery eyes

runny nose sore throat so everything's

above the neck whereas a flu as you will

see here on some of the listings here is

you get fever chills headache body aches

so not only are you getting stuff here

you're getting body aches you're getting

cough and other you know body

manifestations it hits you all of a

sudden and the main problem here is that

you know you're not gonna die from a

cold but people die from the flu and you

know the Spanish flu in 1918 500,000

people died now thankfully with better

medicines but it's still killing 49,000

people a year so it's those a big deal

which is another reminder to go get your

flu shot especially right now this time

of years when it's the peak for it

exactly exactly

all right who shots very safe right only

side effect is a sore arm and you can

protect many others by getting it right

it's not only for yourself but protect

you everyone around you as well and I

think another important topic to touch

on is as we get colds and flus we don't

need to rush to the emergency room every

single time actually if you go to the

emergency room you know there's more

bacteria and viruses in the halls of

emergency room you can get more sick so

what did see care for is if you're

having a lot of trouble breathing

you know dehydration and you can't keep

fluids down your vomiting a lot of

diarrhea but most of these can go to the

urgent cares

and you can get treated there so and you

don't always need a test to prove you

have the flu it's just grand my new best

sometime soon flu addressed get out

there and get back soon all right dr.

Steve Bose thanks so much for joining us

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