A Day in My Life in Da Nang Vietnam | Rainy Season Edition 🇻🇳


hey guys so finally

um today if you if you don't know

vietnam or at least da nang has been

raining for the last

seven days straight when so when i say

raining i mean pouring basically 20

hours a day

um and basically everywhere is flooding

luckily our apartment is okay but

i have many friends who their houses are

like the roof basically is leaking

um many people have been displaced and

rainy season here is crazy

it can go from october to january where

it rains a whole lot

and i actually have many activities that

i had planned

um for example i wanted to go to hoi an

which is 20 minutes away

to paddle board the the town basically

gets flooded completely

the streets there's nowhere to go

basically people are riding their boats

around in the city so me and my friend


we were planning to actually go paddle

boarding there so i'm gonna see if i can

make that happen

but today me and my friend um victoria

and another friend

we're actually planning to go surfing

because today is actually the i don't

know why it's not raining now

we get a good break today but yesterday

we went to the beach and

checked it out and the waves were decent

people were surfing um but today

supposedly the waves are supposed to be


so i decided hey while we're gonna go

surfing i'm just gonna take you guys

with me

um we're gonna go check the waves out

first uh hopefully we can surf

so you can see something um but

let's see what's gonna happen the rest

of the day today is a wednesday

usually i work but today i was supposed

to have a tournament

which i'm not going to have anymore so

we have practice today so

um i will take you around today a rainy

day in my life in the name

so let's go i'm gonna stop talking now

so usually

i'll take my raincoat but today

i'm ready for the beach so i'm not gonna

even waste my time and

try to put this on if it gets if it

starts raining i'm just gonna take my

my helmet you're ready to go i don't

know if you guys know now

i have my vietnamese license now um

i know i talked about it

but yeah anyway i have my license

so i got my motorbike license now so i

can ride this

hi bro so i'm here getting above me

before we go


i need a drink i'm gonna get a bottle of

water or something

it's like a little cvs so you can find

anything you want

as you can see full market

so you know what i'm gonna get a

gatorade today i haven't had one in


all right so just got my drink now we're


uh 30 seconds away from the da nang


adventures anyways the surf shop where

i'm gonna go rent the board they're

already at the beach so

um they're she already told me they're

actually they're actually at the beach

already waiting for me

um they already have their board so i

doubt they're waiting for me they're

probably in the water already but

let's go


lassen this is where i get my mistake

right here


oh shoot i might not have a board

so in case you didn't hear um this board

i'm getting this one

it's a hundred thousand for the day

which is about like four dollars

and 63 cents so not bad

um so yeah all everybody i saw i don't

know if you saw

but i had a few friends that on the way

here i saw them leaving this place

so they already so i already know that

there's four people that i know

that will be there at the beach by the

holiday beach um

hotel so we're gonna go check but i have

one dilemma

my bike is a manual bike so i need my

left hand to

press the clutch so i can't really carry

the board with me

so i'm probably gonna i'm gonna have to

walk the whole time

all right so now i have to walk all the

way to the beach

luckily it's not that bad within the


ten minutes i should be there as you can


so i just came from here

the beach is at the end of this road so

it's not so bad

uh that's i guess the inconveniences of

having a nice

manual bike you can't carry much with


because i need both hands to ride it

because it's manual

so anyway this is 43 factory if you

don't know it's a really nice coffee


i believe this guy right there at the

window is the guy i rent my bike from

i think i think so

but yeah

this is venus coffee another nice coffee


one of the good things about renting

from this place is they have lockers

so i actually could leave my wallet and

all my important stuff because usually i

would leave them

in a on the on the beach basically


they don't get stolen but now i know

they'll be in good hands

and this hello so this is a

a a spot that sells burmese i've been

here before actually last time we

weren't surfing

but they have very good burmese here and

actually very good

um they have a seafood noodle amazing

but yeah so almost there

five minutes all right we made it

all right i can see some

yeah i can see some of them already on

in the water

catching waves look at that

you checking it out first hey yeah yeah

yeah all right

all right there they are

but the beach is in very bad shape right


as you can see because the storm

like i said it's been not just raining

it's been

like the wind has been crazy in the last

seven days i've actually

if you want to see more like behind the

the scene footage

in the name during the rainy season

follow me on instagram

at ralph kleska and you'll see i post


stories about that almost all the time

but yeah basically the water would go

all the way to those trees up here as

you can see

and normally you have to walk so far out

to get to the water

but yep everybody is out there

all right it's good to finally be back

out here

on a nice day maybe the only day because

tomorrow there's another storm coming

um there's like three typhoons

lining up right now so let's go

but yeah i'm gonna find somewhere to sit

and eat my bum me and then i'll go in

for free




victoria and our other friend is going

to stay are you going to stay

to surf a little bit more but me and him

we've decided to go um eat probably at

loving vegan or somewhere close by

yeah i'm done for today because i have

basketball practice tonight so i don't

want to

exhaust myself too much so yeah

let's go eat and then we'll see what

else we're going to do for the day we


me and um well his name is boss he's

from ukraine

um we we came from the beach we took the

board back

got my bike we went to loving vegan i

didn't record any because we were

talking a lot and i didn't want to

bring the camera into it basically we

were having a nice conversation

so after we finished eating now i

basically dropped him back here at the

beach because he actually ran

from from santra which is i don't know

it's probably like a good 30 minute

40 minute run so he actually was jogging

earlier and then he found us here

so we went to eat together i dropped him

back here and then he ran

home and now i'm just chilling here

basically the weather's

great today as you can see in my


stories it was crazy rainy the last few


we have a storm coming so it should be

very rainy again so i'm enjoying today

as much as i can

so right now while i'm here victoria

my basically best friend here in da nang

messaged me that she's gonna go to eat

with her dog

so i'm gonna join them and then yeah

and then i don't know what we're gonna

do next but i do know i have

class at 6 p.m and then i have


practice around 6 30 so

i'll take you around with me so you can

see what an another day in my life looks


so see you guys soon so this is gross

gross cafe they have pretty good

breakfast and

different things here


she won't show her face but victoria is

sitting here


and they also have upstairs i've never

been there

let me take a look

oh nice


really cool but yeah

so just eating a little bit here and

then i'm gonna probably go

home teach get ready for basketball

maybe have lunch with another friend i

don't know

we'll see that's basically life here um

don't know what you're gonna do until

like an hour before i did something bad


it's been a long day so far but it's

going great the weather is amazing

but so what happened was after the beach

you know i went to eat with a friend

then came back home and then victoria

wanted to go eat but i was full at that


so i just went and sat down and drank

and she came with the dog

and then when she went home i went to

meet with another friend we went to eat

and it's kind of the life here guys like


a lot of us just meet up and you know go

to go go have lunch with each other

um it's not not everybody's like working

working working all the time that's

what the feeling is different um here

you know people enjoy life like i

already said many times in my videos

but so after that so i took my last

friend home and i'm thinking okay i'm

gonna rush home i have class at six

i have one class at six um so i rush

home i get home and then i look at my

schedule i'm like oh man

i just did all that to come home and

actually the class got cancelled

then i said it didn't feel right so i go

back and check

and i was a teacher no-show which means

basically the class was at five not six

so i yeah so it's not good

i'll lose points it's gonna you know

have the ranking system when you do

something bad you lose points

and you know many many different

companies have different

you know systems for penalizing you for

doing stuff like being late to class or

not showing up to class well today i

didn't show up this is the first time

so i'm gonna see how that goes it's not

the end of the world you have a certain

amount of times that you can

do something bad like you have six times

i think within a contract

um so this is not i'm not gonna get my

contract terminated or anything but

yeah uh i was not happy to know that

that actually happened because

my friend victoria actually had the same

issue today

we have we happened to have a teacher no

show on the same day ironically

because her computer crashed right when

she was about to log into the classroom

and i come home and i said accidentally

it happens to me too

but yeah anyways i am planning to

interview her because she has an amazing


so i'm planning to interview her maybe

one day we'll go surfing together

and then i'll interview her you'll i

think you'll a lot of you guys will

relate to her story

so um let me know if you'd like to see

that interview and we can push her and

make sure it happens

but anyways now i'm home

um what is it 5 30 now so i actually

will go to basketball practice now it's

basically all the way out there in the

city the airport is here

but like 20 minutes away in the city i'm

gonna go all the way there it's not


it's not too fun to go there but i'm

excited to see the guys in practice a

little bit so we can have our first game

next week


we focus so much on making plays right






man i'm a cameraman

all right guys so i'm home

a little tired actually surprisingly i'm

not that tired because

today we did not play a game um we were

actually just

running plays basically because the

first game that we played it was just a

bunch of guys put together and we had no


how to play together um so today

where we were actually you know somebody

with a drawing board

well it's a player but also the coach on

the team so

he was actually drawing the plays and

showing us what we need to do

so we were practicing that you know it

took me a minute to get the hang of it

they practiced it a day already

but i couldn't because i was working

that night so today was the first day i

was getting into it so

it was a lot better towards the end you

can see i was actually getting open


which we did not get in the last game

that i actually played because

we did not play together so when

somebody had the ball

everybody was just waiting for that

person to make something happen so if

you're not into basketball i'll stop

talking about it right now but

yeah it was a great practice we did not

keep track of points

today we just played for two hours and


subbed guys in and out and just practice

practice practice the same things

um over and over again and i feel great

about it so because what i do

myself when i play is i i shoot

them that's my strength so those plays

that we were running actually allowed me

to get my shot

off and you as you can see i made some

shots pretty easily

in this game which were not available

for me in the official game so

um i think the next game i don't

remember when it is but

yeah i'm excited about that game just to

see to test

to see how we're actually doing but

anyways this is it guys

um i recorded the whole game so we can

have film to watch

and you know it feels official this is

the first time i'm playing like

team basketball i've always just played

out the park

but this is the first time it's

organized so it's very exciting

um for me personally that was my one

goal and

last last month we had a tournament but

my knee was bothering me so i couldn't

play it and then when we were gonna

start this one

quarantine started lockdown started so i

was like oh man

so luckily i was able to get back

healthy and now

yeah alright so i'll let you guys go if

you want to see more

days in my life in the name vietnam

check out this playlist and until next


create a life worth living