Belmont Stakes 2019 (FULL RACE) | NBC Sports

here's weary comas Tyler Gaffney golden

war of will the Preakness winner are in

line and here comes Tacitus and Jose

Ortiz they go in there all alive we're

ready for a start back into the starting

gate ready for a start


Tokio comes out running well on the lead

Texas away running in second position

spin off is just off of them and or of

will will find himself fourth early on

and tucking in right behind him Aztec

siddhis news fifth and trusting in

behind war of will into that first turn

and that it's ever fast intrepid heart

Sir Winston on the inside funneled by

Bourbon War and lacks to the Hall is

master fencer through a 23.92 opening

quarter mile to make their way around

this first turn here at Belmont Park

where Joe via the expected pacemaker is

doing just that

he's on top by three quarters in length

racing in second his tax spin-off Javier

Castellano sitting off the pace here

they're three lengths behind Tyler

Gaffney own settling back war of will

under straight here fourth on the

outside after a half mile in an easy 48

point seven nine seconds the pace has

not been fast and that it's intrepid

heart racing on the outside of

ever-faster xin mid-pack say ortiz and

Tacitus are three deep up the

backstretch and they're five lengths

from front running Joe via that a brink

of another two and a half to Sir Winston

and that it's bourbon war and master

fencer is last and he's 11 links behind

splut the backstretch they go 3/4 up in

113 point 5 4 seconds less than six

furlongs remain in this Belmont Stakes

and it's been Joe via all the way so far

Tex continues to pursue him as they race

for the far turn and then it's spin off

on the outside at the rail ever fast or

of will outside of horses get to be

given his cue he's four lights behind

with a half mile to go

meanwhile Jose Ortiz is starting to ask

more from Tacitus and Sir Winston is

slipped to an opening on the inside as

they make their way around the far turn

still Joe via still tacks and on their

outside and spin off and war of will is

looming now and so too is Tacitus is

very wide and sir winston is right in

contention behind horses as they make

their way to the top of the stretch and

they're into the stretch and it is Joe

via and Tex Sir Winston comes up on the

outside and he got in front of lure of

will and Sir Winston has moved to the

center of the track under John rosario

to take the lead on the inside Joe via

fights on testiness is there and then

tents between horses mr. Fetzer in the

far outside they're coming to the finish

Winston has won the Belmont Stakes now

that once tensed a second brother but

it's a photo for fourth the final time

was two minutes twenty eight point three

zero seconds just the third win in ten

starts for Sir Winston

so mark Cassie trains the Preakness

winner and the Belmont winner when it's

two different horses as Sir Winston

attend to one shot comes through with

the victory here in the Belmont Stakes

Sir Winston mid to late back early made

a bold move round the turn up the inside

great move by jockey Joe El Rosario

looking for a place to go as he turned

from home i'li in there and then angling

out in the stretch kind of pinched war

of wills he got taken a little bit as he

were wielded as Sir Winston moved out

for racing room I don't know how bad it

was but it was a little bit of a steady

by Tyler Gaffney on a whirl will but a

tremendous race by Sir Winston coming

off the pace today at the Bell and the

difference in the race turns out to be

ground saved as opposed to ground lost

as it often is Tacitus three wide on the

first turn four to five wide on the

second turn now let's take a look and

see exactly what transpired here at the

top of the language service

it's kind of shaded but you can see the

peak Tampa passages well sir Woodson has

a white cap on it's already happened he

would have shifted out in front of the

horse with the white stripe down his

face and that would have been war of

will pretty hard to see in that shot

back and look at test as Tacitus war

will bump briefly and then Tacitus came

on and closed strong good point made by


he was very wide around the second turn

you can see a little bumping there could

be incidental but I agree it was it's

hard to be that wide and still maintain

your momentum while a horse is getting

through on the inside yes a grinder he

still keeps going but he didn't have the

turn the foot did Sir Winston did late

the race at the very top of the stretch

in order to shift out and find racing

room Sir Winston did move out in front

of war of will but quite frankly I don't

think that's enough to warrant an

inquiry or an objection